Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am in the mood...

...To blog that is.

The thing is when this mood strikes, I rarely have anything that I want to write about.

All my life I have always wanted to be a writer. When I was in school, I was the artist for the school magazine. Apparently back then, they saw me as the artsy chick who would probably sucked at writing.

I sent an English article under an anonymous identity, and it got published! The teacher who was in charge of the English segment was looking for the kid who writes the article saying that he would like this student to be a part of the debate team.

I was a 6th former who was only waiting for the end of the school year, so I kept quiet and smiled when I saw my article in the school magazine. I didn’t even like the artwork I did for the magazine that year. I was at lost for ideas and after sometime, my ‘talent’ in art and design died out.

I concentrated on learning how to write, even went to a creative writing class after form 6, at the same time trying to cope with my job as a receptionist at one of the hotels.

As the story goes, my later education has nothing to do with writing. I scored a ridiculous A for my University Level English test (There was no MUET back then) and the rest was history.

I got bored in University, mainly because I am not so good with numbers and strangely I was enrolled in a course that was riddled with it. My vocabulary back then were massive with vulgarities, because every time I had to use the scientific calculator, I would definitely say ‘fuck’. I can assure you, we use the scientific calculator for more than one subject in the course. So I have said several fucks during those times.

Except for politics, no other subject got me interested. Even then, I was a bit disappointed at the syllabus. If we are going to produce world class graduates, wouldn’t it be better if the subjects were taught in English? But then I realized that you can’t just shove the language to all of the non – English speaking students could we?

So I had to practically translate all my research to Malay and often, my essays would just sound corny… well at least to me as I sucked at Bahasa Melayu (People don’t call me Melayu Murtad for nothing now…)

Talk about direct translations, I happened to find out that a certain celebrity was caught redhanded of translating poems directly to Bahasa Melayu and have comfortably called it her own.

Such a shame. Muka lawa, otak pulak la yang ter – deficit.

That said, I may be a wannabe writer with nothing much to shout about in the looks department (Button nose, short limbs, small boobs etc…), but akak still got class.

I know this post came out not having much sense but you know what? at least I am not inspired to steal and translate from other people’s blog to come up with this entry…



  1. You should also write to the newspaper. I agree that English must feature strongly in our education system. I get called not being a nationalistic/patriotic person for saying so but I cry every time I hear the national anthem. We will be left behind if we don't master English. Period.
    BTW may I link your blog to mine?

  2. Hello hon...
    Geramnya I just left a long comment, kena telan dek apa ntah.

    Marahnya hamba.

    Ok I am good now.
    I read about the artist.
    And I don't think dia cantik la. You lagi cantik ok, muka unique.
    Her face is just like any other caucasian ladies out there. So penariknya dah tiada.
    Cantik lagi saya yang gemok ini ya tee hee

    Oh don't mind me.

    And, if I were to have a blog, I would be so malu to share it with anyone since my daily life is so bosan.
    What else could a sahm write about? Basuh baju, sidai baju, lipat baju, makan luar, the new baju?

    Especially the occasional basuh poo poo ok. Kids poo are might stinky.



  3. I just re read what I typed.

    Can imagine you going "eyeeeeeeeeuuww "


    Have a good weekend :)

  4. Madam curi,

    of course you can dear, it will be my honor.

    i have written some to the newspaper. my friends in the some news houses even offered me a stint as a part time stringer, but i have no time to do it.


    come on dear, even as a sahm, there are plenty to write about... you should read MsJ's blog, her blog (together with her son's pictures) are a sight to behold! :)