Saturday, January 19, 2008

Read Between The Lines You Moron...

Yes, some people just take everything that was written in blogs literally.

It's sad to know that some people really don't know how to interpret what bloggers really want to say in the first place.

A blogger friend (Click on Izham on my Links list) recently wrote something about the recent kidnapping of Shalinie, that I am sure rocked all of us even more since the Nurin Jazlin's case which ended in tragedy. Apparently, a couple of not so learned readers took it the wrong way. What was supposed to be a general observation were taken too seriously by the two, to the extent of making their comments sounded naive and ignorant.

While some people can indeed bring their disagreements further by engaging in thoughtful civilized discussion, some just do not have the gift. They take everything personal and looked at everything negatively. They flow with the masses and they got blinded by them in the process.

One should always look at both the pros and cons of a certain opinion or situation. Even though most people might have already subconsciously decided on which side to agree with, they should have never ignore what other people think about the subject.

There are many angles to look at a subject from, and my blogger friend's angle is only one of them.

Now, I am not saying that I am in anyway agreeing or disagreeing with my friend, but I guess knowing him in person gave me an advantage. Besides, I have always been a non judgmental party, an observer who would put myself in different schools of opinions.

We should, in my humble opinion, be open to everyone's say especially in something as controversial as child kidnapping. I know behind the moronic comments those two people wrote, a part of them must have somehow, agree that the situation is exactly like what the author said.

I know I do.

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