Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Music and My New Way To Spend Time!

My sister once told me off in MY CAR that she hates it when I switched my MP3 player on.

“Aku tak faham la your music.” She said. That was when we took the long drive from JB to Mersing. Reception was failing on us, it was raining and I am just not the IKIM or class 104 kind of person.

I grew up heavily influenced with blues, jazz, Soul R&B and hip hop. When all the kids at my block were listening to Malay rock kapak and such, I loved listening to Gary Moore, Coltrane and Miles Davis. I think that was when I was 10.

And then I discovered hip hop and R&B. By the time I was 12, I was listening to Run DMC, Wu Tang, Common and those lyricist back during the NWA days.

Of course I still stick to Anita Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Shirley Bassey, Sade and others.

As time goes by, I grew older. Of course there were those short phases where I switched my taste to grunge and emo rock.

But I still love the music that I grew up to.

Now my music is an eclectic mix of classic jazz, Neo Soul, rock and even classicals.

Fahrin once remarked that he finds me intensely soulful, deep and sophisticated. I am all that without myself knowing it.

Of course, I told him, one would not even pause and think of such things when you just don't have the time to and don't see the importance of realizing it.

Heck, I don't even know if it’s a good thing. Afterall, I would think that one is expected to follow the crowd rather than standing out. My so called ‘sophistication’ is looked at as being distance, my intensity mistranslated to being complex and my ‘deep’ – ness was loosely taken as thinking too much.

In short, people don't get me, and I am just not everyone's cup of tea, just like my music. I am an acquired taste.

Here I leave you with one of my all time favorites, ‘The’ Erykah Badu with Bag Lady.

At the mean time, look what I have decided to pick up at a RM 2 shop today!

FYI, I totally lost my head at the frikkin’ shop just now. I have heard of Kedai 5 ringgit’ but ‘Kedai 2 Ringgit’? That’s a whole RM 3 off everything babeh.

Afterall, harga semua asyik naik yo, mari kita membeli – belah di tempat yang tersangat la murah.


  1. This week I'll be playing Betty Banafe's CD in my car - the whole week! Lagu Arab daaaaa....
    Even my hubby can't stand it. hahahaha.

  2. hi there...

    hmmm... semua pon naik... roti canai pon naik ish...

    mati la camni

  3. "Love of my life...." ehehe...
    babe, kedai 2 ringgit dah lama ada kat KL nih... 5 ringgit was a year after that...

  4. I must admit I'm an ABBA fan.... Have all the songs in my car and ipod. Love Move On....