Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sooo.. you want this job eh??? Kiss my ring!

Recently, I am put in a position of recruiting a few people for my team.

Before this, I used to join in interviews, interjecting only when needed.

Nowadays, I have to lead the interview, with a couple of my 'henchmen' for 2nd opinion sakes.

People have never failed to amuse me. During interviews, a lot of people would express their interest and somewhat 'fake' commitment to the job, just to land the position.

I am not yet a pro at passing professional judgment at body language or tone of voice in interviews. My instinct is not yet honed for heavy duty professional use.

But I do know if I should hire them basedon how they would attempt to answering the questions that I or my colleagues throw at them.

It never fails to fascinate how some people would come in to interviews thinking that they are the bomb and everything revolves around them and their lives.

Isn't it common sense that in an interview, questions on taking annual leaves or implication of taking leaves alone would cripple your first impression to the interviewer? What about those who thinks that taking 10 MCs in a year is totally fine?

Sometimes I would drop hints. Things like, "are you sure that getting MC for a football injury is feasible?" or I would just say, "My opinion is that, it's YOUR responsibility to take care of your health because the only reason why you are able to play football/club/pay bills in the first place is because of the fact that you are being paid by the company that you are hired in."

I was hired on the spot during my interview. I wasn't required to come in for a second interview. I didn't have to speak to anybody offshore either. I was just hired. On the spot, no fuss. Was given my salary range and start date and on Monday, my offer letter.


I didn't even remember the questions that were thrown at me. I think one of them would be, 'why do you think you are right for the position?'.

I answered :

'... Well... the fact that I hopped on a bus to travel 300+ KMs from JB to attend this interview pretty much covers that innit? If I wasn't serious, I wouldn't be here.'

I don't know if that sealed the deal. Or that I was just charming. Heh... Actually... I myself do not think that I was in any sense of the word charming that day.

After taking the LRT in my heels and getting overcharged by a cabbie, charming would be the last thing I would be.

And then there was the disastrous grammar bit. Like :

Me : So... what is your opinion on 3 months intensive training?
Candidate : Well... I think... InCENtive training...


Me : Are you ok for ongoing one on one coaching and training?
Candidate : Yes. I think it would make me more good at my job.


Out of 5 candidates, I have only given the OK for 1.

So go figure.


  1. You're a slave driver man. But I'd be the same. I hate people who can't articulate their sentances properly but use boombastic words.

    I wish I did the interviews in my company, we'd have more quality people than the type of folks we have here. (I'm being really diplomatic here without using any cuss words)

  2. Me a slave driver? Nooooo....

    I am a nice boss. ;)