Thursday, March 4, 2010

The only culprit...

Of my not being able to sleep had been my slacking off from my daily work out.

I have a reason for my slacking off.

Work had been crazy and I barely have enough energy by the end of the day to head to the gym.

And for some reason, I am only able to fall asleep before the sun comes up, which just won't do because I would usually finish work at 7.30 am.

I asked for help in FB and a few of my friends gave me suggestions. From the usual counting sheeps to sing out the lyrics of any song without music which was apparently used during a friend's service in Iraq. Another came up with a rather hilarious but umm... feasible suggestion, and that is to watch RTM channel.


I am all pumped up on adrenaline now, but I know by 12 am, my energy will plummet and I will be wanting to sleep for a maximum of 1 hour. Strangely, I would usually start to be extra alert around 5.00 am and that's when I start to work like a drone, finishing off one assignment after another.

I'd be lying if I said that my schedule is not screwed up. It is... MAJOR screwed up.

I don't know... I am going out on a limp here and asking for more suggestions to get more sleep here.

Apparently, readership had been down since the last fucking Piah fiasco. Some of the regulars cut me off because according to them, I am judgmental.

However, I would appreciate if any of you guys who is still reading this would suggest a sleep remedy. I am now resolving to start my gym regiment again to help me sleep to at least fall asleep. I welcome other sleep inducing ideas!



  1. I did these previously when I suffered from jetlag-induced insomnia: Lit up the aromatherapy, lit up the salt lamp, had the eye mask ready, drew the curtain, turned on the humidifier/ioniser to drain out the traffic noise, drank milk an hour and did some light stretching before sleeping.

    Good luck!

  2. Delete that bloody spammers message above.

    Sleep occurs when the body's temperature is decreased, breathing slowed and eyes closed with the mind left to wander.

    Take a cold shower, dim the lights in the room, turn on the aircon, make sure you're well fed before the shower and just daydream with your eyes closed.

    Works for me. :)

    Who cares about judgemental readers? Just as long as you have those who don't give a shit and come back to support you every so often :)

  3. wanted to help, but can't think of any.

    i can easily press my own shut down button & never really had any trouble sleeping - unless am anxious for something, and even then i can talked myself to get some sleep.

    good luck!

    btw, having subordinates is always like that. am taking a year off without subordinates and all i want to think about is myself.. haha