Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oi Vey!

My boss told me that you will never really experience the 'true' meaning of managing unless you have tried your hands at managing an operations team.

When you manage an operations team, you are bound to experience the less than attractive world of dramatic human behavior.

(Shit! I forgot to send in my End of Day report for today btw... oh well... the hell...)

I wasn't a part of the recruitment process because I wasn't in management at the time. So when I got the new batch and I was promoted, I got myself a rather eclectic bunch of people, all in their mid and late 20's.

Not to mention a couple who are in their thirties. Like yours truly. (Wait... I am 31 now right???)

Remember that saying? That good wine ages with time?

What about comparing (some) people in the thirties to milk?

Sometimes I think that I might be dealing with people whose mentality might have already stop growing when they reach the age of 17 (sometimes 9).

Then I got myself thinking, hey... I actually knew these kinds of people back when I was doing my PR shit. Just that it wasn't quite magnified because I was their peer and never their boss.

I like to think that I am a rather... well easy going (albeit fierce looking) boss, although I cringe whenever they call me that. My management motto is simple :

You shall not lie, you shall turn up for work and you should know that in exchange for money (and more money) you shall perform and do your work, honestly.

Do that, and I shall make your life easy. I will back your shit up whenever whatever happens, I will do whatever it takes to accommodate your needs.

Failure to do that would easily mean that, well...I won't make your life easy. Because when you are not doing all those things which would make your life a hell lot easier, you will make my day hell... subsequently... well...

Tumpahlah kuah ke nasi.

In other words... your day would be a blithering hell as well.

I don't expect anyone to make coffee for me. I can do my own. I don't need anyone to be overly nice to me, I can manage without that for 12 hours. I do expect professionalism, I do expect maturity.

Easy innit to be under yours truly?

So I will never understand this whole drama thing. Those that comes from people who had already been on the face of the earth for an alleged 30 over years too.

Why can't we just be professional. I am sure all of us will be happy, and I might just recommend them a higher position with another project (without compromising my own of course.)

*shaking head...*

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