Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive??? Where got???

Because we are about to move to the new place this weekend, my room is currently the total opposite of what it used to be like.

It now looks like something Oscar the Grouch would be comfortable chilling in. It doesn't look like something a so called anal person would approve of.

The reason? Well... I am still in the midst of trying to packing and have not really been sure on where to start.

I have a tonne of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories that reminds me that I really should stop buying anymore of these stuff (Neeeeeever gonna happen) and plus my housemate and I have not even started on packing the kitchen stuff yet.

Think loads of pots and pans and maybe 15 different knives, one pasta pot, a big stock pot and a few of other stuff that we thought was good to have at home when you want to cook.

We don't cook often by the way. I cook pasta most of the time which is like the dumbest thing that you can ever cook.. really.

The thing about packing is that, you kept on asking yourself constantly on why the fudge did you buy certain stuff... like that RM 10 bling tank top with the famous playboy bunny that you hardly wear.

Was I trying to be a bunny? Was I trying to be hip? Was I trying to waste my hard earned RM 10??

I just couldn't figure it out!

Which brings us to the stuff that we still have uneaten in the fridge.

Going according to the rule book of Joyce who strongly believes that to cook rice, you will have to rinse the rice in another separate pot, the fridge would have to be shut down for at least 12 hours before it can be moved.

It has something to do with the compressor and all those big words in the world of refrigeration that I am hardly in need of acquainting myself with.

I have that same expression on my face when Krishna was talking to me about cars and car parts and what nots.

Yeah.. when it has nothing to do with clothes, shoes, belts, make up, computer gadgets, work or me... all other things zone me out.

Anyway, we are supposed to finish off the stuff in the fridge. I have listed out the stuff that we have still yet to eat :

- Balls. Sotong, fish, crab... all kinds of balls... you name it we have it!
- Ayamas fried chicken
- Joyce's German sausages (as in the sausages you eat)
- Frozen peas and carrots and stuff
- Normal sausages
- Dumpling looking thingies with Otak2 fillings
- A whole lot of other things that I can't figure out.

It would be ideal for us to finish that within these three days. At the moment things are not looking so ideal.

Oh well, if that moment comes when we finally finish packing and eating these stuff, I'll blog about it. Till then, I think we are doomed to think about how to do these two things without dipping our heads into the toilet bowl.


  1. Izso,

    Yup.. I am moving.. this weekend.. want to help out? hehehehehehee

  2. I won't be in town. Otherwise it'd be interesting to meet you up for whatever. Then we could talk cameraaaaaas

  3. tempted nak tolong u clear up yr fridge, but me on new food regiment :D