Sunday, March 7, 2010


I'll be honest, I am envious of people who are in touch with their emotions.

I am aloof, which makes me a terrible candidate to even be considered for a relationship.

My last, I guess, real relationship I had was maybe... 3 - 4 years ago. Is it even weird that I didn't even remember the exact year let alone the date of that particular relationship. Thankfully, I did remember the person I was in a relationship with.

Aaanyway... One of the things I remembered was the reason the whole thing crashed down and out of control was when I was being too emotional about it. I had no one to tell me how a relationship should be like.

That's why now, I am blank of any emotions when it comes to .. umm.. matters of the heart and all that bullshit. I am the hot sexy .... poker face.

I am smiling with a straight face.. yes. I love you, but my face would never give me away. I could be indifferent, but other people might think that I look somehow, pissed off.

It takes a while for me to register excitement, or anything that is remotely close to ... being humane.

Sue once told me that I need someone to claim me.

The thing is, I don't really need to be claimed.

My other friends think that it would be fucking interesting to see me fall in love and not in lust with anyone.

I know I would be interested to know what stupid shit I will be doing this time around. 


  1. LOL.. poker face. I hate that song.

    Anyway, I know next to nothing about you except for what you post online.

    So I shall refrain from making generalising statements. But imho, I don't think you need to be 'claimed', I think you need to stop thinking so much and just let loose. You're too stressed out woman!

  2. hehe, thee only thing that stresses me out is work.. I was just wondering... Don't you ever wonder how I would be like when I am in love or whatever.. hehehehe... I am sure I'd be irritating

  3. I'm the opposite of you: my expression gives me away every time. I have, what everyone says, a very expressive face - fortunately or unfortunately.

  4. Sarcy : Honestly? I think you'd be exactly the same. Cynical (perhaps less), and totally whacky still.