Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Am I too picky? Am I???

I found out that the 'criteria' I set for a partner looked like I am hoping for a character from some Korean Drama series to hike my skirt and do me.

First things first, my criteria for a partner is (and this was made up in a split second of insanity) :

Must be jantan metrosexual but cannot have more shoes or be more vain than her, must speak good English, must be able to pay own bills, must know when to give space and when to hog her space, must be a bit taller than her, must like hanging out with her and must know that she is devoid of emotions most of the time.

I seriously don't know which part in this very easy and somewhat... sarcastic list entails the guy to be from a Korean soap series.

Plus, I am sure that some people adore Korean soap dramas (and men.. can't imagine why?), but I don't. I HATE Korean dramas.

And I have never heard any Korean celebs (or normal people, for that matter) who can actually speak good English. The only thing they can do is to sing a whole English titled Korean pop song with one line of English sentence.

Case in point :

"... Nobodeh nobodeh butchoo!"

*clap clap*

What the fuck was my only response to that.

And the metrosexual part... I am only throwing that in because I have always hoped that men realize hair is definitely not a winning point with me. Nice hair on the head, yes... any other type of hair anywhere else aside from the head and some 'normal' visible hairy parts (calf, knees... you get my point) is just gross.

The only reason why I want my man to be a bit taller than me would be that I love wearing heels because I look hotter when I do (Duh!) and it has nothing to do with me being stereotypical.

Besides, nothing is mentioned here about how the guy would look like.

So... am I being seriously picky here?


  1. Start by telling us how tall you are. LOL

    Korean men are short. Women are shorter. Seriously.

  2. Picky? Nah. Sounds reasonable.

    The guys' requirements aren't simple as well.

    But more often than not, we'll settle with one or two deficit.

  3. Izso :

    I am about 5ft4?

    owh.. never knew any Koreans before but I saw a couple expats here la.. normal ony


    Right? umm... so what are your criteria? hihihihi

  4. Sarcy : you're short! All the guys I know are at least a head taller than you. In that case that's not a very big requirement.

    As for the others, it's not that hard la. You're just looking too hard or looking in the wrong places (I do not recommend clubs or librarys). Perhaps a recommendation from a friend you know? My friend got hitched like that.

    Anyway - my requirements were : straight hair, independant, not overpowering in personality (too much can be annoying in the sense that they think too highly of themselves), and lastly must have a passion for cars and techno.

    So what did I do? Married one that's totally opposite of what I wanted except for the straight hair and boisterous bit. She's loud but I'm louder so I'm cool with that.

  5. iszo;

    Exactly! thank you.... that's why i don't get it. I don't get it why people said that my requirements are... somewhat... 'high'?

    not libraries? why? too geeky?

    Hmm... my friends said that in order for me to get someone, I will have to put myself 'out' there.

    But I kind of got lost in translation when it comes to 'out' there. I don't club often anymore so that rules out the night club meeting guy probability. I don't go to libraries in Malaysia because it's a waste of my time. I think my book collection is more extensive.

    Well.. I don't really know what kind of guy suits me well yet. But my love of my life was patient. beyond patient. so I guess.. one of the hidden criteria not listed, must have patience.

  6. Hmm.. find something you enjoy doing and meet your guy there. I dated a hiking partner in the past, I went out with a car fanatic but ended up with someone who enjoys baking. So go figure.

  7. Sarcy - there is no such thing as being too picky. After all, why would you want to just "settle" - you are a strong, independent women who knows what she wants.

    Your friends do have a point tho - in a way, you do have to put yourself out there, but not in a too obvious way. Men seem to just smell desperation, unfortunately.

    I met my other half in a club. He said hi...but I bought the 1st drink ;).