Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ever wonder how people in the 60's sits on scooters with those ridiculously short mini dresses????

If now I got you wondering... that makes two of us are wondering about the same thing...

The difference between me and you was that, I literally tried... 

Still wondering!


  1. *big grin reading your recent your comment in my blog*

    i want to, but i do not have FB (real name or blog fake name). used to have a fake one to play FT but have deleted it already.
    (born in 1977 -- we're not very hip people. technology scares us)

    btw that's one dangerous pose. ok make it two dangerous poses.

    p/s my email is
    travelread at yahoo dot com
    which i try to check at least.. twice a year.

  2. Sarcy - 3 words for your "how to sit on scooters" question.

    Show Lotsa Panties


    Me likes. It's kinda like how women wearing short skirts get out of ultra posh ultra low sports cars. You just gotta flash them panties.

    Make sure you have fresh ones and preferably not them rocket pattern polka dot ones!


  3. Darlene,

    Born in 1979- gadgets rock our world.. loving Google Chrome and wanting that mini notebook and that DSLR and the latest version of Photoshop so mak can 'maybe' make a living from taking pictures of friend's weddings and potong jambuls and stuff... takde mood with my little canon digital camera... no feel wei!


    I was wearing black boy shorts... and I did flash em in a couple of shots... *blush*

    and they are clean ones... eeeeeee ... women who wears two day old panties... eeeeeeeeeeeeeee