Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Of besties, stingrays, booze and nostalgia

For the last few days, work had been kind of.. manageable, no drama from sales person, no drama from manager busuk, nothing.

Or maybe it is just because I couldn’t be bothered anymore now that I have only 1 week left with the company. Ahaks! (Minah rempit mode kejap).

Had the pleasure of going out with my bestie, Suz last night to have Tip Top ikan bakar. We had barbecued stingray, tauhu and char koay bakar. We were about to order some crabs when we both reminded ourselves that we are just lousy at eating shellfish.

So we throw in 10 sticks of satay (which reminded me of Phil) and had a grand time stufiing our faces with carbs.

Our conversation revolved around, sex, men, people and weird things that we have had the bad luck of experiencing. Both of us went way back from ‘Sekolah rendah’ and we were ebsties eversince we were 11 YO.

After a satisfyingly bloating dinner, we went to a pub to have some booze.

I was reminded about the ‘pact’ / manifesto kononnya that we made when we were kids.

We DIDN’T want to drink, smoke, club and have pre – marital sex.

But here I am, aeons later, loving my beer (I am a beer person.) and hoping for my long impending probable marriage to whoever to bring me loads of sex (dirty, kinky, sexy... dirty.. kinky sex). I am off smoking, so that I could be proud of.

Yeah.. obviously the manifesto was beaten by our desire to live life as normal human beings. We’ve done em’ all. We are not proud of any of it, but that’s the path that we have chosen to tread on.

At the pub, the conversation once again went along the lines of men Ie bastards/jerks, sex and weird people.

She was in the UK for a few years and when she came back, she packed her bags and worked in KL. She recently quit her job and will be in JB until she could figure out what to do.

Alahai, it’ll be great if I could have that kind of luxury eh?

So because I am about to pack MY bags for work in KL, we decided to spend whatever available time together. Next rendezvous will be at one of the seafood joint along Lido famous for it’s nice prawns and Mihun goreng.

Maybe then I will take more pictures of us both being gluttons because yesterday, my camera went out of battery.

And then I remembered telling her that even though I am excited about KL, I know once I get there, I will miss JB.


  1. Like it or not, you're gonna miss Johor food.

  2. IZso,

    dude... thats a fact... :(