Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A jab in the butt... again, and other stories

I was down with a bout of high fever (VERY high fever, according to the doctor) and toncilitis.

Which is apparently a big deal because the doctor gave me two days sick leave and a jab in the butt.

I think it is a trend to just jab a patient in the butt, no matter what the problem is... eh?

This time it was a guy, and I had to strip and I actually blushed.

“Is this your first time getting a jab?”

“Ehehe... no... the first time was with a lady doctor.”

“It’s just gonna take a second.” I swear he said that with an evil smile plastered across his smug little face.

Honestly, I was glad he gave me that jab. I went back home, took my meds, and was out for a few hours. By the time I woke up, the fever had subsided considerably.

I am still having a slight fever, but I had something important to do at the bank, so I dragged my sort of sore jabbed butt out of bed and drove to the bank to do some cash deposits.

My boss made a joke that I was hit in bad way by the Maggi Goreng extra pedas that I had at the Mamak the day before. I insisted that it was not because of that and that I would be fit as a fiddle in time for work.

I don't do fake MCs, unless I hate my employer, which I don't.


My new favorite coffee hang out for now? Starbucks in Bangsar Village. It’s quiet and it has plenty of eye candy, like that dude in the suit just now. Yummy.

If you want to get a glimpse of Sarcy, come to Bangsar Village, usually after 6pm, every two days. She would be the one with the invisible ‘Fuck off’ sign on her forehead.

Again, approach with care... hahahaha!

Anywhoo, a friend asked me if I would be interested to take up a degree in law for working professionals.

“You could take CLP afterwards to practice and proceed to your LLB later. What say you?”

I believe I have talked about how I was crushed because I was offered a course that I didn’t want when I was in Uni. Law was what I want to do. I was planning to take up journalism, until my friend suggested that I could always take another degree in journalism, after law.

“People don't take masters nowadays. We’ll only pay more for the same subject, things that we already know if we have been working in the industry. Better broaden our perspectives, and not be cocooned in our own field.”

Those were her exact words, twice removed from the ‘dude... like... I don't geddit?’ combo she was famous for years back. Since the both of us had gone past the 24 YO marker, I guess it ‘enriches’ the way we speak as well.

Like... Duhh eh??


  1. aiyo.. 'fuck off' ker.. then I would have to wear an invisible 'my pleasure' sign la i guess :p

    anyway welcome back to KL

  2. S I recall, a jab in the butt would be an effective way to settle a high fever. Better the sore a$$ than suffering through a day or 2 while wating for the meds to clear the fever.

    If ever I happen to be @ Bangsar Village at those hours, will try to visit thee.

  3. Can i have the pleasure to do the butt jab?

    hehe.. it's fun you know! I tried it once. More fun when it gets to the wrong place.. hehehe


  4. Aiyo, u lepak there after 6, eh? Makcik kena pegi jemput anak2 balik sekolah le time tu.
    Selalunya makcik berpesta-pesta Mocha ni during office hours... hehehehehe.

  5. Chi,

    hihi... thats a better sign to wear than fuck off innit??

    thanks dear!


    yeah... but it is costly... the whole thing costed RM 113. thank goodness for my Employee benefit card la kan... kalo tak... pokai makcik...

    sila sila... thy can visitethh me anytimeth.

  6. Izham,


    what kind of cucuk pulak niii you are talking about la deyyyy.


    my work mana bleh leave the office sayang... usually on weekdays after 6 or on weekends after lunch like around this time....