Monday, April 7, 2008

Ditchoo mish me? Ditchoo? Ditchoo?

I was away for the whole weekend. It was a tiring weekend, but fun, nonetheless. It something that both of us, Me and Suz had been wanting to do, a road trip.

So these things were what happened to me and what I discovered on the weekends;

1) If your car’s cable fuse is shot, the car will have the as if the ‘gear tak masuk’ kind of sound. Being the idiot that I am, I actually drove to and fro KL without knowing that my car got a shot cable fuse. Wiwa acted like it had a flu. Cost me RM63 to change the cable. So I am 63 bucks poorer. (Nasib baik only one cable rosak..)

2) I gained 2 KGs since last month. Blame it on mum’s cooking especially after the Sentosa trip. Demmit!

3) Pavilion is a good place to go, if you have lotsa moolah.

4) Sg. Wang is a good place to shop, especially if you have a liking for canto-pop-ish jersey material bubble dresses.. like what the hell?

5) I have a nice cleavage, that is why my friends usually bought me dresses and tops with plunging necklines. They even photographed it for fun.

6) Walking along Bukit Bintang in a dress with a really low neckline and in 3 inches high heel is NOT a good idea (Suz, first and the last babeh! If there is ever a next time, we’d be driving!)

7) Grand Milennium’s Pulse club is not my favorite place. If you want me to go, you better pay the stupid RM50 cover charge because I am not gonna pay to get my ass in a place like that!

8) Twenty – One lounge at Changkat is the place to go with good company for good conversation.

9) Tony Roma’s my new favorite restaurant in KL!

10)Jalan Alor has a lot of ultra confused backpackers and gewd Char Koay Tiaw!

11)I love to drive in KL if it’s 7+ am in the morning.

12)Suz go crazy for a while after a shot of Tequila.

13)Fashion police should ‘serbu’ Pulse because there’s a lot of fashion mishaps in there I would like to fix.

14)I melalut and ask for my favorite Starbucks Mocha in Coffee Bean if I am too tired.

15)Everyone in KL speaks with a TWANG!!—Should have known that eh?

16)Long distance driving worsen my hearing. Example – Cop = Cock.

17)I am so going to max my Visa in Ikea.

18)I am living in denial, but I wish him all the best.

19)I would jump whenever I received a phone call from a certain someone.

20)I thought I saw a fellow blogger but tak berapa ingat her name in Uptown PJ around 9 something AM.

And now... Pikches!! Hot pikches!What to do, we are camwhores in nature... ahahaha!

Stuffing face session @ Tip Top Ikan Bakar

Atuk's turned 86

KL trip, dinner at Tony Roma's, KL skyline from Pavilion

Jalan Alor

Second day @Twenty-One and Pulse

Monday straight from work to JIT's with Anna and Wira


  1. Tony Romas is the best I tell you. Super service and the ribs are to die for. But you probably can't take them in Singapore - non halal but I so adore them in Singapore even more!

    As for 21 and Pulse.. welcome to the new era of Gen Y.

    Sungei Wang isn't that bad is it? I get all my stuff from there but I'm quite sure I don't look like a lala's Jay Chow wannabe boyfriend... I hope.

    Btw, the cable plugs in your car shouldn't break that easily. In fact they are one of the last things that spoil in a car. Are you sure your mech is reliable? And RM60+ can get you all 4 cables la.

  2. Ditto on Pulse. Like wtf? All the gadis kampung with Datuk K types (I'm a gadis kampung at heart so I have the right to label!). My gfs and I have a theory that it's the case of Planet Hollywood crowd invasion.

    I don't fancy 21 myself. So pretentious and suffocating! Can the place be any smaller!! Try Ceylon bar next door where I can go in my Havaianas (ok maybe not)and drink the best Mojito in town and have great conversations. Admittedly though, if you don't know the crowd there it can get a bit challenging.

    Next time you go to Pavilion call me. It's literally a stone throw away and free parking space at my place ;)

  3. Tony Romas mmg likey!

  4. iSZO;

    Tony Romas mmg like the best.. i had the cheeseburger and even that i cannot finish.. and it was succulent!

    i went to Proton centre to replace the part. mmg la expensive kan.

    hmmm.. Y generation really suck eh?? ahahahah


    i saw Ceylon bar but since my two girlfriends decided on Twenty-One and since i dont know nuts about these places, i followed. dunno about pretentious because i didnt check out the people there. was totally engrossed in being gopfy with the girls and my beer.

    sure babe.. email me la your number and i wil give you a tinker anytime i am in the area, meet up for coffee or something, savvy?


    owh like totally...

  5. Try the ribs. Seriously.

    And Proton rips people off on everything. If you ever need mechanical help, give me a email. I'll guide to the right place. Imagine, a simple spark plug sells for about RM20 at most. These buggers charge RM40+

    And have you been to the pub that's above Traders hotel? I forgot what it's called. It's open air and has quite a nice atmosphere, just that when it's hot, it's really hot.

  6. Iszo,

    i definitely will. even though i am more of a steak kind of person i guess ribs is doable hehehe..

    the thing is my mech closed on that day so i had a feeling that it had soemthing to do with my cables kan.. so i figured.. better beli yang original .. hihihi... i dont service my car with proton because i dont like the fact they are using petronas products. i think even with the petrol pun macam takde quality je... :P... mileage is poor.

    umm.. where is trader's hotel? huahuahua...


    kambing chilli's still the best but of kosh.. but the serving macam dah kecut sket arr

  7. Sarcy, I think out of the dozen times you've named me, you probably have ever gotten me name right twice. Heh! No big deal tho.

    Petronas? Hmm.. I work for the oil industry and I could write an essay on why your car is getting poor mileage and it would have nothing to do with the fuel. Believe it or not, all fuels in Malaysia are the same. Only difference is the additives which only helps cleaning efficiency, nothing else. Once they start implementing RON92/RON95/RON97 crap then and then it'll be different. V-Power is just more expensive because of the additives type.

    Anyway, traders hotel? Ha? It's right next to KLCC man. Look for the KLCC park and you'll be able to see traders.

  8. the 'pub' at traders is skybar lah..

  9. Ribs at Tony Romas mmg best giler!! I could eat 3 at one go! Hehehe...saya mmg tamak haloba gitu :P

    Nvr been to skybar..heard the scenery from the top is to die for. Ye ke?

  10. iZSO(Is this correct now? :))

    well... i dont know much about petrol and all, but i guess i am going for the obvious.

    so the bar is sky bar eh? i have heard mixed reviews about the place. i mean.. its totally unforgiving kan weather wise, people dont have any choice but to leave when it rains yes?

    well i have never been there.. see if i actually have the time to go there when i am in KL.


    yea.. yea... thanks for the info... eh dude wanna go?? you bawak slurpee la.. ihihihi


    the ribs must be REALLY good then... dunno la... i am not that into ribs but have nothing against them la.. i find it so leceh nak makan... ihihihi... unless ada tukang potong la.. hihihi...

    so want to go and discover skybar togeder geder??? ihik.

  11. aidit! aidit!

    yums. now i feel like heading to tony roma's for dinner. love the ribs :) yumster. or maybe i shud get my brownies from CPK.

  12. Sarcy,
    next car should be a Honda.
    Less trouble.... much less trouble.

    Use Shell V-power racing and fully synthetic engine oil, nanti berdesup-desup perginya when you speed.

  13. inn,

    nak itut?


    i am considering that... but i still sayang my Wiwa la babe