Monday, April 21, 2008

The Reluctant KL-lite

Me likey loike this picture

The AJK Mamam at their best

Step one to be a KL-lite; speak with a twang.

Any one of it will do; American seemed to be a favorite, followed by a confusing mix of British and Australian.

It shouldn’t be a problem for me actually. I will just call on Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street posse I had been a follower of since preschool and start talking like I have lived in the US of A for more than 5 years yo.


I touched down in KL last Wednesday and had been busy figuring out the roads to my work place, calculating fuel consumption etc... have to get my monthly budget fixed to fit my new life.

No more excessive shopping that could seriously damage my pocket, no more home cooked food which is okay by me because it makes it easier for me to lose the two KGs I have gained from doing nothing for close to a week.

Have only called the rest of my friends last Friday. Didn’t actually make any plans with them. For one, I don't really know what do KL yuppies do on the weekends because I figured one should not be going to clubs and consume more than a quarter of Tequila every week (Occay so I might be wrong).

So I bummed out at home, throughout the weekend, promising a few of my good friends to that DimSum hitea thingie, keeping the day, venue and time open, because I am not sure when I would actually want to brace the odds and get lost in KL again.

I am crippled without internet. I am right now writing this entry at a Starbucks in front of KBU waiting for the terrible traffic to ease down. Thankfully, Starbucks is less than 5 minutes drive from my workplace and thankfully, I think I have someone to rely on here in KL, although he seemed to be here on an on and off basis.

How is life now in KL all alone and ... uhh... alone? (well... actually not exactly.) It’s occay lah...

But I am missing my friends in JB as I type. They have been a great bunch of people, supportive, adorable and reliable. Good news? I was not terrorised with eggs and flour. The absence of the AJK mamam’s president made that possible (whew! Btw... Nana oii... len kali if cannot make it, call me and tell me can or not? Cehh..)

Sarcy is in KL now... no biggie... enjoying it extremely... but missing that sense of familiarity and security I have had for the past 6 years in JB.

Never thought I would say this, but heck... I miss JB... and can’t wait to go back.


  1. Get yourself one of those Garmin units. You could drive blind and not get lost with those things. I recommend CV Audio in Uptown PJ to buy it if you want to consider it. Or could arrange something la.

    Just key in the address or general location and it'll guide you there with a voice. Miss a road and it'll still manage to guide you there.

    Nifty thing that is.

  2. Sarcy,
    budget for monthly toll money oso...

    hey, good tip. I also need one.

  3. dnas : lemme know if I can help buy for you guys. I know the reseller here and can get quite a comfy discount

  4. err.. count me in for one of those garmin navs.. how much ah?

  5. Depends on what model. The cheapest one is RM850 and ranges goes up to RM1400 depending on the size. RM850 one is the smallest one I think.

  6. Hey babe...i miss u one to disturb as i am sitting all alone on this side ....but not for too long i will be back in kl soon ya'all...hehhehe

    sory about the dinner thingy had an emergency.


  7. Iszo, Dnas and des,

    okay.... 850 is the smallest eh? not in my budget yet but i'd definitely consider it.. ihihihi


    yealaaa tuhhh.. pi surau lagi ke?

  8. desparel : The smallest one is er... you know what the Sony Ericsson P90 or whatever the touch screen one) looks like? It's about that size.

    Sarc : You should! It saves all the hassle of looking for a place. And it even has listings of all the restaurants too.