Thursday, April 24, 2008


Kenapakan everytime you rethink the mess that you are in, it almost always have something to do with your relationship?

Don't we have anything else to be thinking about?

I enjoy thinking about my recurring cigarette habits at the moment. Occay, so it's not really enjoyable.


Okeh... turn right here... oh shit! I should have turned left (U-turn.... bloody hell.. jauhnya!)

Oahhhhh! So THAT’S how!

Me trying to figure out the shortcut from Tropicana to Mutiara Damansara.

Once I drove to KLCC (I was feeling brave). I was getting down from my car, saw a girl carrying a coach bag and I recognize it as the original one.

From the corner of my eye, she rushed to her Kancil and drove off.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, she might be a girl whose parents are filthy rich but insisted on their daughter driving a common mini car like everybody else so as to not contract the ‘Besar kepala’ syndrome.

But really, first impression, she could most likely be a working executive earning less than 4000 blowing out her credit card limit on something that cost her half her pay.

Who am I the Wira driving Vincci wearing so called yuppie to say anything eh?

I am extremely fond of my Wiwa.

“Dulu you selalu write about the guys you went out with eh?”


“Sekarang, dah memang tak go out with anybody anymore ke?”

I go out. Just don't want to talk about it on the blog.

“Kenapa? You givap on them ke?”

Partially, the other reason is for me not to hang on false expectations. When you don't talk about it, you tend to believe that you’re not committed to anything.


My conversation with one of my friends who is also an avid reader of my blog; sorry dawg, you will have to read mostly crappy stuff here but at least it has nothing to do with my lovelife.


  1. Actually - there are grade A coach bags that won't cost an arm and leg. Not to mention in the US of A they cost 3 times less than Malaysia. Maybe that kancil girl has relatives in USA leh?

  2. I don't get the big deal about Coach. Their designs look uh cheap even up close. Is that blasphemous? :)

    About girls in their teens, 20s being able to afford all these things I don't know but i wish I could figure out how they can support such a lifestyle. When I read local mags and see a RM800 simple shirt I think it's ridiculous but surprisingly some girls can afford it. Not me :(

  3. I drive a cheap car which is by personal choice simply because I don't want to be burden with the monthly installment. But branded stuffs will always be my weakness

    so yeah, the girl with 'CLK' might just be in the same boat with me *wink*

    babe-did u call me recently! I changed phone and has yet to download the numbers?

  4. A few of my work colleagues (me included) bought Coach handbags in the states (factory outlet lagi!).
    It's a looooot cheaper than here.
    The ones that cost about RM1.2K here are less than USD200 there.

  5. Maybe u should try walking..

    can get kurus.. hehe :p