Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kebowsanan... lalalalalala

I decided to do this tag to please my bored self. AKak Bowsan… shoot me lah kalau tak pueh hati.

Two names you go by,
1. A**
2. Sarc

Two songs you love listening at the moment,
1. Sometimes by Erykah Badu
2. Don’t stop the music by Rihanna

Two things you are wearing right now,
1. Red long sleeved knitted top
2. Dark brown pants (I am at work la ya’ll)

Two things that happened this week,
1. Received an unexpected request (cannot be disclosed, pewsornal stuff)
2. Double twisted my wrist (somehow) when I was doing the cobra pose in my room. But tak teruk la.

Two things you did last night,
1. Celebrated my Grandpa’s 86th birthday. Rock on Tok!
2. Chatted with Nurul Latif on YM.

Two things you wish more people know about you,
1. That it’s not that I don’t have emotions and all that, I just feel awkward showing it.
2. I don’t like needy people…

Two things you want in a relationship,
1. Someone who loves me just as much as I love him (if not more… ihik)
2. A lot of Trust and patience, because I am not the kind of person who would change everything just because I am ‘attached’.

Two of your favourite things to do,
1. Snapping pictures
2. Knitting (serious.. no joke)

Two things you want badly at the moment,
2. Someone to pay off my plastic bills

Two pets you had/have,
1. Two cats, satu perasan lawo, one loves hide and seek
2. Hamsters, both went to hamster heaven already

Two things you ate today,
1. Biscuits
2. Nothing else… belum lunch

Two people you last talked to,
1. Client
2. Colleague

Two things you'll be doing tomorrow,
1. Rahsia…
2. Stuffing my face with Fasta Pasta & Chilli’s kambing àHint to first thing I will be doing tomorrow.

Two places you want to go,
1. Egypt
2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Two things you want to do before you die,
1. Get married
2. Travel the world


And what do we call you?
UH? Sarclover la.

And how old might you be?
29 YO

Who sleeps in the same house as you?
My WHOLE entire family

Suppose you see your crush/boy/girlfriend kissing another person, what do you do?
If have red wine in hand, pour it on the bitch and then kick his balls

Yay, you got a free holiday, South America or North Korea?
South America

What are you wearing?
Eh? Kan dah jawab.

Are you doing this just because you're bored?

What is bothering you right now?

Was last year enjoyable?

Do you miss anything right now?
Mocha & Trey & I

And he/she would be where?
The Mocha in Starbucks & Trey in the UK & I at his rumah.

If you were given RM100, would you spend it, or save it?
Spend it on food

Would you ever become a vegetarian or even vegan?
Probably not fully vegan…

Where are you right now?
Opis saya at an Industrial park which covers my car with dust everyday

Do you shop for clothes?
Not this month. Have other things to think about.

Where do you think your ex is right now?
I don’t frikkin’ know and I don’t frikkin’ care

And what are they doing?

How about Melbourne or Rome?
Melbourne, a friend of mine is moving there.

Are you listening to music right now?

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
And then there are those other things that I don’t understand;

- What in the frikkin’ world is sooooooooo interesting about a bunch of attention seekers who is living in confinement and are monitored by a bunch of cameras? People waste money to vote for them s’more.. hell?

- What has my blog got to do with anything? If it bothers you that much.. jangan baca ahhhh!

- Kenapa orang heboh sangat ada buaya dalam terowong?

- Why do people like to compare themselves with other people? I don’t care if you have a pair of Gucci shoes, so I don’t, who the hell fucking cares anyway?

- Why do people seemed to think that I go for men I dated because of their money? Sure it’s a nice bonus, but I don’t do that occay? I have been a sugar mami before to some guy who is two years younger than me.

- Why do women (me included) have questionable sense of direction?

Majulah sukan untuk Negara..


  1. I want the dslr, too!!!!!

    An upgrade from the eos 400d that i received earlier last year lah.

    I could wish la kan kan :)

  2. hye beb, lama x singgah sini, everything ok? sape kah 'I' itu?
    jeng jeng jeng,

    nway, nak pindah KL ye. cool
    take care beb

  3. Hahahaha..i take it ure NOT an AF fan then...

    Knitting? Seriously?? Wow!! Is it hard?

  4. Montey,

    well babeh.. we can only wish... you doa la i get myself a rich dato's or something like that... hahahaha


    i've used both, but Canon more challenging in photography sense la. i mean, if everything is already on the platter not syok also.

  5. Lilith,

    yea yea saya bakal berpindah. jadi bolehla saya berjumpa you yes? hahahaha...

    I itu a fragment of my past. hehehehe


    NOPE...a big huge NO! i think it's ridiculous la... the comment by the udges pun agak mengarut.