Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sarcy speaks

I have the luck of being in a team that is full of bright young things.

I don't know if I am one... maybe I am just one of em’ bright things, not so young.

Went for the our first night out on Friday after a day of gruelling training, and we had real fun.

Statistically, you do spend most of your time with your colleagues, and your colleagues do end up being your friends in time.

I am just glad that I have these people as my colleagues.

Maybe it’s too early for me to say anything just yet, but I have decided to go on a hunch.


Anyway... my first few weeks in KL did not give me enough time to go around and meet new people. Training was heavy and energy consuming and at the end of the day all I have energy for is to drive back home, shower, MTV and sleep.

My uncle who insisted that I should live with them instead of moving out to my own pad have again told me that since its just the two of them, I am more than welcomed to stay.

I might just take that offer up, and planned to pay them rent instead of paying to someone else.

Lodging and food, plus with them around, I can keep myself grounded, have my two feet firmly on earth and perhaps be a better person. I know how being on my own had nearly destroyed my life, in a way.

I was on this self destructive habit 8 years ago, and though it taught me independence in a big way, I know had I stayed, I would have swerved more from the life that I actually want.

I have done all the partying, all the over dosing and all the things that most people defined it as a phase. Now, I am just glad that I am still alive, and well, with a good head on my shoulders, who enjoys hanging out with my family just as much as I do enjoy occasional nights out.

Boyfriends? Relationships? Maybe, but to be honest, I want someone who is more grounded, unassuming, who is family oriented, who is balanced and who makes an effort to be in a relationship instead of the other way around.

Independence does not mean you lose your faith and gain your freedom. I am not brought up that way. I drink, I have fun but I do have my principles to go with it.

And that is not something I will compromise on.


  1. it was great chatting with you the other day. bila2 free nanti we should meet up.

    i think it's quite a good offer staying with your relatives but then again kena cautious la.. cos i've heard so much about how relatives bawak mulut to your own parents about things that may not be so true and can strain relationships. well, see what's best la for you.

  2. I say stay with your relatives as long as they don't stick their noses in your business every time. You're not exactly 15 anymore and should be allowed your freedom.

    Anyhoo, kl is a boring place.

  3. yo beb! we most certainly need to get together. you know my number. hehe.. great to have you here!

  4. Juan,

    yeah... i know that part. i have lived with this Uncle and Auntie before and they have been cool back then. i figured its not as if i am not going to pay them anyway right?


    they know that, believe me. i had to work until about 5 AM nowadays so... they should be!


    definitely... prolly on the weekends, after gym... eh?

  5. Define,

    Bright = ?

    Young = ?

    Things = ?

    Haha.. sounds corky :p