Saturday, May 3, 2008

I think...

Men are funny.

And confusing.

There had been a few times when I was actually wishing I was a lesbian.

So that I don't have to deal with emotional, dunno what they want, confused MEN.

Seriously, if you men think that we are pushing you to the edge, let me assure you, you men are not the only ones.

But again seriously, I am honestly not your normal type of woman. I would not nag and contrary to what a certain person thought of me recently, I do not NEED a guy to ‘berkepit with me 24-7’.

C’mon dude, I need space to breath. I have my own life and attractive men to ogle at – lah!

But when you are in a relationship (or kind of – ish), you would need some sort of assurance, and meeting the family is not one of it.

For a starter, calling me and telling me that you are not able to meet up before I check is one. There is also the natural need to find out if I am dead or alive by at least SMS-ing me once a day, and the returning of calls when you are not able to pick it up at the time of the call.

Owh yeah... and isn’t it natural as well for you to at least call on the person that you are sort of in a relationship with at least once a day?

That was what most of my other relationships’ (sort-ish) are like.

Then again I could be wrong. Maybe I am just missing the point. Or maybe I was getting used to all the guilt that was put on me when I was confused about something.

At least until I realised that staying on, made me feel unhappy, because I was accused of not being understanding of the man’s work and ‘habits’ or so called.

Which was never the case. And I know I was right, but the man would never know he was wrong would he?

One fine day I just pulled out the plug and decided to stop, surrender. I wished him well.

I never got the chance to know the man better, and he never had the chance to know me.

But the objective of having a relationship is simple, and how I would put it in plain English is;


And I was not having it then.


  1. I don't understand the call once a day thing. My wife used to want me to do that before we settled down and I really struggled to maintain that one call a day policy. It wasn't that I didn't want to call her, just that sometimes I was just too busy or obsessed with some activity that I just was either too tired or just not in the mood to be nice over the phone. What's the need anyway?

    But that's just me.

  2. very well said izso

  3. Iszo,
    Dude... For what its worth... I dont mind the call. But i appreciate am sms, which i dont get at all sometimes for maybe 5 days... My messages would never get through because the phone was not on and things like that.
    I tried to understand but when you only expect a little initiative frm the man... Like for him to sms you, and if is not doing it, and will put me on a guilt trip saying Tht i ought to be more undertanding and think all i want is to berkepit with him 247, then something is wrong

  4. Ah.. if it's just an SMS then I'd be more than willing to oblige daily. It's the phone calls that irks me.

    And yeah, if your dude starts saying the berkepit 24/7 then run fast woman. Sounds like a commitment phobic dude.

    Ian - Thanks! LOL

  5. I speak to my friend more often than that so just as well babe!

    Anyway, let's meet up and have a coupla drinks now that you are in town.

    Email me and we can mobilise from there ya!