Thursday, May 29, 2008

U stressed? I stressed oso! (Serta gambar2)

I admit I have not been blogging much sense lately. For one, work has been absolutely stressful as we need to absorb as many info as possible in the shortest time imaginable.

Well, I am supposed to be a specialist like how my job title suggest right?

Anyway, in case you guys are wondering, ironically, my weekends are usually spent with my friends who came all the way from JB to keep me company. Strangely, my KL friends are all not really the weekend tai tai luncheon type. They are more into the booze fest type.

One could only do that much partying in that little time. I have mellowed down as far as partying is concerned. For a short time, I was partially sober through the weekend, but at the end of the day, there’s a limit to my under the influence state of conscience.

My relationship status? I am not sure. My take on things? Still pretty much Johorean (and will stay that way forever). Did I meet more bloggers now that I am in KL? No. Do I intend to? As long as these people I am going to meet is not going to turn into some psychotic bloggers I knew, I am open to possibilities. Is life going to fare better for me? After income tax and the unbearable hike in petrol price, well... I guess you could say... boleh la!

It’s strange how my life has suddenly been taken over by work and... work. For a short time there I thought I could stop being independent (a bit) when I met someone. But due to some circumstances, I slapped myself in the face and said stop dreaming la.

I would rather be stuck in my work than be disappointed. So I found solace in my new professional disposition.

And a figure from my past turned out to be the one person who was there for me and who is genuinely concerned about me. We were romantically involved but in the end, due to some irreconciliable differences in spiritual sense and all, we split.

He is, aside from my family members, the only one who is taking care of me. Even when I was mugged (Yes... I got mugged! But, my IC and all other things stay intact!), he helped without a question. He told me that I would just have to open my mouth and ask.

Strange how that turned out, considering I really was actually close to strangling him when we were together.

Maybe that is how God have always intended for me, for me to discover him as a friend and not as something else. Sucks but, who are we to have a say in anything? Correct?

Anyway... these are some pictures of my new work peeps. Believe it or not, we are really close, and we do actually hang out with each other on weekends (when I am sober-lah).


  1. It was good to bump into you at Bijou Bazaar :)) Did u buy a lot of stuff there?

  2. CG,

    no la babe... just a cardy and earrings... nothing else caught my eye-la....