Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lighter ku yang berona kuning dan putih kehilangan

Malay magazines threw me off.

Really, it did.

Back when I was a teen, a long time ago, I used to love reading this one magazine, the epitome of all ‘remaja berangan’ magazine, until I discovered Marvels comics and have enough allowance to buy novels.

I remembered I used to read them because my aunties used to buy them.

Of course back then, I didn’t cringe.

I have had the opportunity of reading one of the magazines after years of not doing so. I am not so much of a magazine reader. The only ones I really read had been Reader’s Digest and magazines on photograpy mostly. When my cousin was getting married, I picked up a few local wedding mags just for the heck of it. I love looking at the pictures of elaborate wedding outfits and the ‘hantaran’. They’re so pretty.

So as you can just imagine; I didn’t read the contents at all.

It’s nice to think of me ever getting married, I think that’s the closest I can get to having my own wedding.

Anyway, I was literally struggling to understand the ‘new age’ Malay language they used in the magazine. It was a women’s magazine, so they talked about fashion and whatnots. I am used to fashion magazines just
... not really to Malay ones.

Can’t they just use ‘Warna’ instead of ‘Rona’? wouldn’t that be counted as bombastic? I had to guess the meaning of the word based on the usage so in the end, after the long 30 minutes I took to kind of getting the hang of reading a Malay magazine after so long, I finally understood that rona really just meant; ‘Warna’ or color.

That’s just soooo... corny.

“Oh yea... makcik boleh tak bagi saya lighter rona kehijauan dan kebiru – biruan ala biru turqoise itu? Smashing!”

And they also used English words in Malay sentences!

I swear, comparing this to the Remaja mags that I read when I was young (-er), Remaja rawks in my book.

It might shock people but I studied Malay literature in school when I was doing my form sixes. I am not good at it, but I do know that by using bombastic Malay words, the possibility of you getting your context wrong is more likely.

So while I decide on which ‘busana’ to wear and what ‘rona’ of scarves to go with it for tomorrow, you can bet that, that would be the last time I would pick up a Malay fashion magazine.

Pastikan pilihanmu menarik perhatian si dia!


Anyway.. this is old news but went to Bijoux Bazaar with Naz Aka Kaki Cucuk Langit weekends ago.

Bought a pashmina cardigan and a pair of earrings made by Jade!! huhu... and I am a happy girl (I am easy to please like that.. uh... not really)

And I met Cosmic Gurl!!! hehehehe... it was really nice to meet you la babe. But tengah kecoh and panas like that I forgot to take your phone number la pulak... email me?


  1. Dulu2 masa sekolah I was hooked on URTV coz nak baca gossip pasal artis! Hahahahaha..Now I wouldnt even touch the mag.

  2. never read mangga... it's disgusting..

    anyway, malay language but nak evolve gak kan...

  3. that's a great black & white pic, what an angle. How'd you get such a high up shot?

  4. babe, i did not make the earrings... i just sell them... hehe...

  5. CG,

    ye ke? i didnt read URTV. mainly because i didnt think my aunties were really into URTV then.

    and then, i found myself in Marvel comics.... X-mennn... uuuuuuu...


    owhh memang disgusting sungguh. my cousin likes it though... i have NO IDEA WHY!

  6. Iszo;

    the pics courtesy of Nazrul la... si Cucuk langit tuuu. how it was taken so high up?? he was on the stairs?? hahahah...


    takpelaaa.. miscomm.. asalkan dah beli.. but kan.... i lost one pair of it... sungguh sedey.

  7. Rona-rona kota... kahkahkah.... Saya suke rona itam.