Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tulah... Mak dah kata...

Once upon a morning, when I was all drowsy and stuff after flu meds, I went onto the T&Go booth, just to realize that I forgot my T&Go card is in my other bag.

Just so you know, women need to have more than one handbag, it is not something that we will stop doing just because the price of petrol is up by almost 50%. Maybe we would just be reduced to buying cheap brandless handbags.

So, I reversed Wiwa, confidently, until I heard a loud bang.

I panicked, I thought it was another car, though I was positive that there was no car behind me the last time I looked, which was maybe a second ago.

I backed to a bleeding road cone. So I said, fuck it and went to the ‘tunai’ booth.

The car behind me flashed me, and I looked behind and I there it was, the cone, stuck firmly to Wiwa’s ass.

I panicked, again, and I pulled to the side.

Imagine a woman in blue dress and white heels, looking at the cone, wondering how do I get it off.

And I did, eventually, which was something really, considering the base of the cone was prolly half my weight (or quarter... doesnt matter!)

Lesson learnt, if you are drowsy, don't drive, or worse, reverse your car at the toll station that you are going through every damn frikkin’ day.

It was embarassing damn it!

Bet those Toll people would go;

“HAH! Tulah Akak yang gostan langgar kon lepas tuh bawak keta tak tau kon tuh terlekat kat keta dia.”



  1. Oh man.. :D I've never seen a cone lodged in a bumper before. Did ya take pics?

  2. tu la cik...selalu mcm tu ek??anyway when we wanna go bitching with merina??

  3. Izso:

    eh... u think someone who is as embarrassed as i was would think of whipping out my camera?


    Kata nak lepas ko pi Bali. ceh.. cakap biar betul2 sket boleh tak?

  4. Which toll was this? Hahahahaaa...
    Tergolek I gelak.

  5. Jazzy,

    Kerinchi Link... golek la lagi... hahaha