Sunday, May 18, 2008

No Manners please, I am Malaysian?

I was starbucking one fine Saturday afternoon right after going back from a friend’s wedding (Alan dude... congratulations selamat pantin barooo.) and was going through my email when someone came over to me and asked if I was a blogger, and I said yes.

I do hide some things about myself, being a blogger is not one of it.

Anyway... the person later asked if I know about Nuraina Samad, well the truth is that I heard about her but I never actually know who she was. Turned out that she was some kind of a celebrity blogger and the person who approached me was a broadcast journalist from RTM. She asked me if I can be in front of a camera, and I said no.

I am a blogger but I am no exhibitionist. Maybe I am, but I don't want to be known by the whole country. What if my parents thought I am one of those bloggers who are jobless and have been spreading ‘skandal-skandal yang 50% benar?’

Aha... by the way... I am not. ‘Tak ado kojo eh!’

I declined politely. She approached a lady who was also surfing at the table next to mine. Being that the one next to me was not having headphones on, it is impossible for her to not hear the journalist who was really trying to do her job.

She didn’t even turn to look at her and was only shaking her head.

This was disturbing. For one, the lady looked more Malay than I do, so the lack of manners were unacceptable.

‘Apa, Mak takde ajar adab ke?’

Would saying no politely to another human being be a major problem? Sure she would insist, but you could also insist.

The lady next to mine also had her boyfriend with her, and no surprise, the dude was also shaking his head profusely, the way one would do when approached by beggars or ‘supposedly’ disable individuals selling tissue at hawker stalls.

What would it take for someone to say no thanks but I would love to and would it cost you an arm and a leg to smile?



  1. aisay man. Why not go on camera? It's just publicity, not exhibitionism. You're quite camera friendly anyway.


  2. this topic reminds me of this conversation i had some time ago. i guess, with some people, they don't want to waste time and bother to ber'PR'. they think it's fake when you said you'd love to but no thanks, when indeed the obvious instant response is no thanks, get out of my face.

    at least that's what i got from that conversation.

  3. we are malaysians. our good manners are reserved for angmohs only.

  4. I second desparil :-)

  5. Izso,

    i segan ... hehehe


    true, sometimes you just dont have the energy to, but still, i think it's rude. i guess if you just at least tell the person that you dont want to would be enough... dont even have to smile i figure

  6. Des and Ome,

    yeah.... CORRECT!!!

  7. I have to be frank, most KLites are like that, at least those who never been out of KL except for their so called luxurious vacations.

    Apparently, manners are not something of common these days.

  8. hi there,
    wuz just surfing the net when i came across your blog, and lo and behold, i see my name mentioned.

    i resisted making a comment. i don;t want to appear petty.

    but, heck, since i'm in your neighbourhood, i might as well drop in.

    the person misled you. i am no celebrity blogger. however i think i know how that "incident" at starbucks happened.

    i think you were one of the few people RTM1 approached to ask about my blog.

    That must have happened just a day before RTM1's "BLOG" Sunday 8.40pm programme.

    I was the 4th blogger to have appeared in that programme.

    Last Sunday, RTM1 interviewed Rocky.

    anyway....i do agree with your posting...jangan mati adat!

  9. haha...

    seen that kind of attitude..
    agree with ya totally...

    sometimes theses people are seen as very sopan santun and lemah lembut gitu...