Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Stay in night for me was like this...

It was a stay in TV night.

I was chilling at my uncle’s house and being that I arrived around 9.30 at night straight after work, I had dinner alone and watched TV together with my uncle and auntie.

I sat through Diari AF not because I want to but was because I don't really have a choice.

One of the students were given one of my favorite songs from my favorite band Dewa 19 which was Laskar Cinta (contrary to what you guys might have thought, Sarcy do listen to Malay songs though... from a limited chosen range). I have a feeling that the song is going to be disgraced and obliterated, no thanks to the principle.

Oh well...

And guess what, I also sat through one of ASTRo’s program which was an equivalent of E! Channel’s THS, Cerita Artis Malaysia (CAM? Like wtf?). The featured artist? Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. I learnt that her younger sister has a pierced tongue, and that they cut short the whole ‘surat layang’ fiasco.

Don't get Sarcy wrong... I am not a fan, never was, never is, never will be. Eeeewwww....

AND I also sat through a Tamil movie (yes – la!) which my uncle turn on. It was weird. I watched fatty bellies dance around to Tamil songs, a guy who used a 25MM handgun in a court during proceedings (he shot down the judge... like whoaaa!) the shooter rescues the wrongly accused lass (heroin laa) and being that he was a murderer who managed to flee the scene of the crime, they sent one (YES... ONE) police car to go after two convicted suspects.

In the midst of being convicts, the two had the time to participate in a party where the wrongly accused woman changed to a sexy belly showing outfit and the dude danced to the choreography.

When it was abruptly stopped by the police (on cue too.. right at the end of the song!)

Life is soooo surreal in Tamil movies.


And during a fight scene, apparently the theory of gravity did not apply because no matter how villain got beaten up and down ala Matrix, the Dhoti (Kain pelikat rather?) never actually showed the man’s undies!

Just an observation dudes and dudettes.


  1. I bet your uncle is a great fan of Padayappa. That one is a must see!!

  2. Tamil movies is a good source of entertainment, provided they have bouncy upbeat songs. The Kuchkuch Kota Hei song sometime back was catchy.

    And the women when dressed skimpily are to die for... pity they don't actually dare to dress like that in India.

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