Monday, January 31, 2011

You shall not... wear a bikini and not swim!

I wanted to confirm my booking for Bali just now.

Owh... to be in the sun, drenched in SPF 50 or more sun screen lotion, in my bikini and a cliched Pina Colada is just what my strained muscles and overstretched brain mass need. To have the sun and to waddle in the sea water.

Yes... the waddling part kind of, slapped me in the face.

I have bikinis. I love bikinis. I am a true advocate of hell-do-what-you-frikkin'-hell-want-while-you-are-still-'young' so I do not have anything against curvy women in fluorescent yellow bikinis.

All power to you, sistas.

But... but... to waddle when you are supposed to be... swimming in your bikini kind of defeated the purpose, y'know?

So I decided to hold off the trip and googled for swimming lessons instead.

(Today's my filing day so I do not have a lot of things to do)

I found one, it looks good and it's only RM 220 for about 12 lessons.

I am going to drag my best friend kicking and screaming on Saturday (He is my driver so what the hell, I hate driving in Sunway anyway).

Now to go and find a one piece swimsuit. Hopefully, after the lessons, I can for once, swim, and not waddle.

My ass would probably look like this. Shameless kan? But what the hell, you only live once (FYI, that is Jennifer Love Hewitt's ass you are looking at)



  1. Hello hello! When r u going to Bali?

  2. hi babe! :)

    When I can swim and not waddle la... hahahahaha... :)

  3. hahah so kena habis belajar swimming dulu baru can go? :P