Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A thought to while on while being sick...

I didn't mention it before but I thought I saw my ex best friend when I went to the clinic in Bangsar yesterday.

I decided to have some chicken soup at Plan B at Bangsar Village after seeing the doctor as I doubt that I would be able to cook anything for myself when I reached home. Afterall, I need to take some food before I eat my meds anyway.

I was already seated (And the service at that place sucked!) when I turned and saw her.

What came out of our so called 'friendship' was nothing but a mistake. I am sure she would have a lot to say about me, but I have my side of the story and I hold to it stubbornly.

It was kind of a shame as we were friends since we were 9, but she grew up to be an ignoramus. An arrogant bitch who maybe thought I was an idiot.

I will neither forgive nor forget. I won't forgive or seek forgiveness because I am indifferent towards her existence and I will never forget because she sets the standard of what kind of people I will religiously STAY AWAY from.  

I have had the bad luck of knowing people I shouldn't involve in my life at all recently. Started with this one, and then a certain cow and goat (nicknames that I gave to two ex so called office mates cum ex friends I know), the hippo with self image and priority issues and the soapbox stand-up.

There are just not enough decent people to make friends with nowadays. So much so that my best friend said in desperation;

"Let's just... NOT meet anyone new anymore. Let's just settle with the three of us. At least when we fight, we fight like adults and not stab each other in the back."

I used to like meeting new people, make new friends, but my best friend was kind of right... people are just unpredictable, and there's a limit to my patience (I don't actually have a lot of patience to go around with).

I am not stopping myself from meeting new people, I hope the people I am going to meet after this are able to excuse my stand off-ish attitude.

There is a reason for everything anyway. And somehow, the saying 'Don't judge a book by its' cover' just doesn't work anymore. Maybe we should take into account what the surface is trying to tell us before diving in deeper.

PS : I hate being sick... I hate coughing. Blearghhh!!!!


  1. beb when you said 'knitting' like in the previous post, you were just kidding, right? right?

    get well soon!

  2. Age makes one wiser. :) But seriously, I have a handful of close friends and the rest are all more acquaintances. Friends are ppl that you might need meet or talk to all the time but when you do, its like there isnt any time apart at all. I rather have to close knit group than a lot of hanger-on's who will simply flitter off at a sign of trouble.

    Hope you are feeling better tho. Some nice warm chicken broth with lots of ginger?