Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stripping off bad aura(s) and other new year stuff...

I was having a bout of depression a few days before new year and actually is still having mild new year depression as I type now.

It's a daunting thought to know that I have not done some of the things on my list in 2010. It's even more umm.. disturbing (?) to know that despite the changes that happened to me, I am still... single.

I guess I appealed to men more when I was fat?

So, I turned to my good friends.

But I am still... depressed.

So, here is my short and stupid resolution this year:

1) Travel
2) Try to make do being on my own... and pay for sex
3) Work on toning my body
4) Learn to swim
5) Learn Photography with my Canon EOS 1000D
6) Stay focused on my career
7) Try to take on new stuff

So in line with resolution #4, I have decided to go and get a full bikini wax after two years of not doing so (And... I shaved in between k? Don't mean that my pube-air can be braided or anything like that....0_o')

Although the pain was familiar, but I still cringed now and then especially when they were doing the 'sensitive' area. And I have a relatively high pain threshold.

And I have to admit, there are positions that are requested by the bikini waxer that reminded me of porn stars. I will not elaborate on the positions, use your imagination la!

I thought that this quote on the bikini wax place's wall was hilarious.

Well, I have mown my lawn. What about you?

Happy Belated New Year Ya'll!

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