Sunday, January 30, 2011

Questions that I would NEVER have the answer to

1) Most of my girlfriends are turned off by Malay men. They are not SPGs, they are just more welcoming of Malaysian men from other races. My experiences with Malay men had not been pleasant either. Why is that?

2) Why is it that Malaysians are obsessed with this whole race bullshit? Do I really have to spend 20 minutes at the race column EVERY time I have to fill in any form and end up putting Malay Chinese?

3) Why is it that people think they deserve to be paid big bucks when they are doing squat at work?

4) Why do people think it's always the management's fault when they don't perform at work?If you have been on more than 1 Performance plan, then shouldn't the fault just lie with YOU?

5) Why do people get offended when we inform them of their shortcomings, and angered when we don't?

6) Why do people get emotional when you leave them alone and get even MORE emotional when you ignore them?

7) Why do men hit women, and the women decided to stay with the these fucktards who will definitely go to fucking hell because the women love the fuckers?

8) Why do we settle?

9) Why would anyone think owning a beemer make any significant difference with me?

10) How can a guy own the same two pairs of shoes for 5 years?

11) Why would my Grandma be thinking that I actually 'need' a man to 'take care' of me? Have I not been doing exactly that for the past 20 odd years?

12) How can anyone who said that they are not racists, make a seemingly racist statement and still stress that they are not racist? 

13) Why would anyone say that being vindictive is not the same thing as being judgmental? Wouldn't that be something like telling people that porridge is really not rice. 

14) Why would people say that they know something about everything when they really know nothing about anything?

15) Why do people assume that all Johoreans are racists? 

16) So people who assume other people are racists, are not racists?

17) How does Anthony Bourdain get to go exciting places and do exciting stuff?

18) And... I don't?

19) Do I really have to look like Angelina frikkin' Jolie to do all that?

20) Why would anyone think that listening to 50 Cent is the epitome of all coolness? 

Enlighten me would you? 

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