Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dahlink... why wouldn't I be serious?

Darlene, the home office Goddess thinks that I was kidding when I said I was knitting to put myself to sleep (Which is not something you should do if you want to sleep at all).

The thing is, this broad ---

Crochets :

And knits :

What's the difference? Oh well, pretty much the whole, 1 stick versus 2 sticks. I want to make sure I have both sticks covered (This sounds dirty... :P)

Sure I am still on the scarves and hats and snow caps phase. But I will get better. I will, one day be the person who will resort to knitting cool scarves and stuff when I do not know what to buy for someone's birthday.

I have never been a handicrafty kind of person. So to find out that I am actually kind of good at this, was a pleasant surprise.

My first papier mache plate was a disaster. Comparing my weird 'masterpiece' that looked like it was just excavated from some neanderthal dig site with my classmates' colorful tea set (I suspect the parents have something to do with that. Unfair that my mother was also a handicraft retard like me... or should it be the other way around? Egg and the chicken theory.. No?), nobody would ever suspect me to knit/crochet.

Or to be 10 feet close to anything that resembles thread, or needles.

Sure I know how to sew a button, cave woman style. You put the thread in, you sew the bloody button on, and you are done. There is no art there. That's more like a .... life skill.

But to maneuver a ball of yarn (it's called a skein, and there is more than one type of knitting / crochet) and to actually understand what a single crochet stitch means...

For me, it is... unthinkable.

Why did I start?

I have a stressful job. Somehow, I find joy in crochet and knitting. You can see my level of stress on my projects too. The row that was stitched tightly? That was because I was pissed off with my Boss probably, maybe...

Some say that it's a way to abstinence too. Somehow... I don't really think so. :P

So... why would I be kidding if I said I knit? Never say never... :)


  1. haha, now i think i remember you posted some pictures before (did you? tak ingat sangat. and i read ALL your posts). nice scarf.
    still feel llike news to me. and i am picturing you knitting on a chair, complete with animation and all. quick, tell us what other surprises you keep in your bag.

  2. Darlene,

    I don't remember also, I rarely read back all of my stuff, especially if it's not on the same page. Hahahaha...

    Other surprises? in my bag? owh... believe me you don't want to know darl!