Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sleep Anthem

I can't sleep.

I was down with Tonsilitis and mild fever. Slept off from 10 pm - 6 pm the night before (To which I attribute all this can't sleep nonsense to), woke up with VERY painful throat and phleghmy cough.

Went to the doctor, given Augmentine and cough syrup. I was so happy thinking I can actually sleep the night off as I was working from home and got off earlier.

What happened after I switched off my work laptop? I can't sleep. I tried knitting, tried reading god awfully boring stuff... I still can't sleep. All this after I took the cough meds.

Last time I remembered, cough syrups used to knock me off to slumberland like nobody's business!

I have ran out of sleep remedies.

Milk with honey is crap. Reading is crap. Watching boring movies is crap.

I was yawning... but I cannot sleep!!

Even got me planning for a trip to the gym later because I think if I sweat it out, I can eventually, sleep!!!

That would not be a good idea as I am sick and my friend reminded me that Tonsilitis IS infectious!

Done talking to myself too. Either I am too interesting for my own good or... I am just a narcissist and I actually like talking to myself.

When I can't sleep what do I do? I think of work, I think of how to deal with absenteeism, how to do that, how to do this... at work!

It's bloody IRRITATING when all I want is to go sleep!!!!

Let me try sit ups.. MAYBE it will work. Hopefully.

Or maybe... 4 tablets of ponstan. 2000 mg of drugs always work.

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