Monday, April 29, 2013

Flashback and self reflection

I read my past posts today.

All the way from 2007.

I don't know if I have become a better person. Physically, yes, I changed... BIG TIME.

But deep down, I am pretty much the same fat girl who was struggling with esteem issues.

I cringed when I saw this :

This was me, 6 years ago. The one in white on the right.

Only 6 years ago, I was broke, I was living with my parents, and I was fat.

6 years later, this picture made me realize how much I have, changed.

I have grown more adept, spiritually, albeit, still with a slight self deprecatory, habit that I am still working on.

And... happier.. to an extent. Not to mention, a bit more flexible, I would like to believe, both physically, and mentally.

With love, Namaste.