Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We excuse our sloth under the pretext of difficulty. ~Marcus Fabius Quintilian

SK Patthabi Jois once said anyone can practice yoga, except for lazy people.

Most of the people I have spoken to, who asked me about yoga, would shake their heads and said that Yoga is not for them.

... That they are not able to stretch that far, or will never be able to see themselves doing all those crazy 'stunts'.

I rarely take these excuses at face value.

For one, if I actually believe all the excuses I made for myself,  I would not be able to do all the 'crazy stunts' I am doing now.

Growing up, I was kind of athletic but I have never been able to do some of the things that are deemed too 'physical' for me.

I can't cartwheel, ever. I think I can now, but I have not tried... yet.

Yoga was alien to me. Yoga was... absurd... and weird.

I gave excuses, to myself, convincing myself that yoga is not for me.

And now look at me, attempting a deeper chakrasana.

Next... eka pada chakrasana.

Do away with excuses. I am sure we can all use positive attempts.

With love, Namaste.


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