Thursday, January 31, 2013


It is my belief that everyone should have their own system in dealing with misery.

That system is that person's own. I will not try to change their own way of dealing with issues. I will not try to shove any shit, whether it's philosophical or religious, up their asses.

Most importantly, I will NEVER try to tell someone I don't know (I.e -->other bloggers or FB 'friends' I don't know in person.) what they should do.

For obvious reasons.

I am searching for peace, yes. But I find no peace in submitting to any religious notions. Been there, done that. Until I was more of a wreck trying to yank myself out of the whole hypocritical bullshit.

A blogger who is also on my FB, said that peace is subjective. My 'misery' is something I need to handle myself. The only people who has the right to help me, would be my friends.

Personally, as a blogger, I would never try to tell a fellow blogger I never know, what to do in their situation. Unless I am in contact with this person offline, that would render my opinions zilch.

I would not judge this person and tell them that they are miserable because they don't have faith in the Almighty etc. Faith is overrated.

My faith is universal. My faith is humanity.

Perhaps I am miserable, for NOW. It will take time for me to get out of it.

Until then, please get this in your head. My misery is my problem, alone.

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  1. Ah. Does that mean I can't request for more pics?