Thursday, January 24, 2013


Lately, I find it hard for me to know anyone new.

Actually, it's not hard, it's more 'I-Just-Can't-Be-Bothered' to know anyone new, to make friends, to start a 'spark', romantically or as acquaintance. 

I am happy with the people around me right now. My best friends and some of the friends I keep close. I distanced myself from people I can't stand or of opposing personalities. 

See, the thing about me is that, I like my private space. Unless you are any one of my best friends, hanging out with you every weekend is not something I'd like to do. My best friends are kind of like me. They like their space, and we are there for each other, whenever there is a need to. 

They know when I am quiet, I just am, there is no reason for you to ask why. They know when I am tired, I would rather be left alone. They know I don't like drama, I don't like unreasonable intensity, I don't like emotional fucking bullcrap. I don't like people who are dormant, I don't like reaffirmation. Asking for an advice from me is a one time thing. Only ask me for advice from me on things that matter, and pace yourself. 

Don't ask me every other time, 5 times a week. I am not there to tell you on how to live your life. You should be able to pull the trigger on your own. 

Life is your choice. No one and nothing else should determine how you would like to live your life. 

I was told that one of the mechanism of a relationship was 'reaffirmation'... or 'involving' the other individual in your affairs. 

Unless it's matters like moving to another country, having kids, financial organization, I don't think you should involve too much of the other person. You should retain who you are. I am not so sure about 100% honesty in any relationships. Nobody can actually say what's wrong and what works for them. Relationship advice is not 1 size fits all. 

Right now, I have two people who I met in the last 3 weeks. But I am not sure if I want to take it to another level, even as friends. 

It's a tiring thing to know people, especially men. I am not so sure if there is a relevance to the 'be friends then lovers' theory.

Why can't we just go ahead and just.... do. And Be. 

I can't be bothered to ... right now. I would rather be on my mat and practice my trikonasanas and Chaturangas than going out on dates. 

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