Thursday, January 17, 2013

I is intermediate

I have been toying with the idea of taking up intermediate Hatha class lately.

I am not sure, I am a bit intimidated. But I know that the class would be the only means for me to learn Sirsasana (Headstand).

People asked me if this 'yoga thing' I have been doing (For the last 2 years, on and off, nevertheless) is a phase.

The definition of a phase, I think, is something that is shortlived. I think 2 years is not exactly short.

I was asking myself too if what I am doing right now is indeed a phase.

I can safely say, that, it is not a phase. I have tried to enjoy physical exercises in many forms. Although I lost weight through gym workouts and kind of like self punishment through circuit training, I was searching for one I actually love, and gives me the same kind of challenge without it becoming a burden.

Yoga does that.

Aside from the RM 300+ yoga mats, and having to set aside RM 600 for nice chic yoga attire (it is important for me to stress that you don't need all those things to practice Yoga, but if you are like me, who is vain, I think it is also important for me to stress that, that is how much you are looking to fork out to sweat and still look glamorous) the only thing you will have to pay is the class fees that you can choose to pay by drop-in sessions or if you like, commit to a specific number of classes that you can attend a week and pay monthly fees for that.

I like that rather than paying RM 198/ month for gym and an extra RM 1500 for 8 sessions of personal training.

And get this, I lost weight, and is more toned, just by practicing Yoga.

On top of that, I also get 1 hour of 'Spiritual Me Time' for 60 mins every day.

You don't get that by lifting a 15 pounder barbell.

As for the intermediate class, I am still thinking about it, maybe one day, I will be able to do a headstand and post it in here.

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