Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Often we forget our limitations.

As a human being, I was both frustrated and at times, arrogant, on the mat.

I would watch in envy as a fellow yogi attempted a perfect Tittibhasana when I can barely lift my feet off the mat. I would also sometimes gloat quietly when I see someone else struggling with a wide legged forward bend, which is something I can do in a heartbeat.

The truth is, there is no room for arrogance or frustration on the mat. The practice makes us look at ourselves and for us to acknowledge our current limitations, and to also power us through those limitations, to be better.

To nail that Chaturanga, to have a deeper Chakrasana, to have a steadier Garudasana.

Most importantly, to realize that all those are only possible with patience.... and humility.



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  1. And yoga is way cooler to look at than jogging.