Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Minimalist bliss

I guess, minimalism does just... creep up to you.

For a person who used to spend 300 bucks per week, I am now spending way lesser than that on a weekly basis.

I used to be a spendthrift, especially when it comes to clothes and pretty things.

I did write 2/4 entries before this on my frugality attempt. The attempt, failed.

However, after 'the incident', I didn't see the need for me to spend, to buy things, be it for myself or others. I sort of lost the will to be who I was after that. It took a lot of inner will to keep going, to wake up and to go on like normal.

The habit, stuck.

Aside from my rent, groceries, bills and my Yoga class fees, I have little need to spend for anything else.

Sometimes I would stroll into a shoe shop, and instead of coming out with 2-3 pairs of shoes, I would be walking out with two free hands.

I still love shoes, but my priorities in life are different now. My job does not require me to dress up, and I wear flats all the time to office. I love designer labels, but I don't have a need to buy them if I can't afford them, I still love window shopping, but I would be thinking twice about buying anything.

For an example, I was looking at a pair of high heels a few days ago. It was on 70% sale. It was gorgeous. It will make my legs and butt look awesome.

But, come on, who am I kidding here. I can be sitting somewhere in a pub at a bar wearing the most risque looking negligee and no one will approach me. so I am no longer interested to make an effort. I know, guys who would like women for who they are, are hard to come by, but hey... at 35 (I always add another year to my actual age) I think I am allowed to not just settle.

That said, I didn't have a need to buy those heels, so... I won't.

I am not going to hardcore bat shit crazy about minimalism, but, for now, minimal is the way to go.

Just like how I love yoga to death, I am not about to join a cult of piss drinking yogis just because it's the in thing to do.

Do everything in moderation I say.

Namaste and Love,


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