Monday, July 30, 2012

This is a post without a specific title...


After 10 sun salutations a day followed by a 45 minutes practice every day....

I should be at peace... No?

The truth is, there are just too many things that are racing through my mind now.

This year would be my 5th year spending Raya alone. I dread going back for the holidays because I know people would be asking :

1) Who's The Scotsman?
2) Don't you ever want to get married ever?
3) Bila lagi turn kau???? (When is your turn????)


I would be having my annual long holiday of about 8 (Business) days and to be totally honest, I would prefer spending it next to a pool under the sun in my bikini, with a beer and a good book!

Rather than waking up at 6 am to cook, driving in convoy for the whole day, drinking cordials and stuffing my face with biscuits and cakes all day.

Not to mention the pre-Eid family drama that would happen just because it will.

*Pulls hair*

And then, I am in the middle of a big PBX location shift project and with the whole extension list revamped, I would now have a different set of systems to implement and maintain.

Oh yeah, all this when I have to complete the monthly bonus and also the incentive payout...

And of course, the monthly team award as well.

Oh, and the Reward and Recognition program too.


You know what, I am taking off. Heck.. I am on standby almost 24 hours anyway. I deserve an early departure!

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