Friday, July 20, 2012

The Reluctant Vegetarian

To be honest, I have no problem whatsoever on being vegetarian.

If there are no meat, I have no issues on eating vegies. I grew up eating a lot of them. I don't understand those who have an ongoing enmity with broccolis and spinach.

I am vegie friendly, although I do love meat.

Recently I have contracted a mild form of eczema affecting only my left ear. Yeah! My left ear!! ONLY!

So because of this, I decided to not eat too much of eggs, seafood and poultry. The outcome was almost instantaneous. I itch less, and my eczema condition improved.

And because I don't eat red meat too often, this renders my meat intake to almost zero.

How do I feel about it? I feel strangely, for now, restricted. I feel that I have imposed this needless limitations on myself.

And I have always been pro Anthony Bourdain when it comes to vegetarianism. He does not believe that one should be one unless your religion calls for it. He also said that vegetarians make terrible travellers.

Now I have seen this first hand. When I was in Bali, a couple of backpackers were making the waiter's life hell asking for vegetarian options, when the restaurant is clearly more of a barbecued meat place.

The woman was making a fuss over her grilled vegies which she said "Tastes of beef." and insisted for it to be replaced. The guy was grumbling "Jeez how hard is it to have vegetables here!"

I could only shake my head in disbelief, like COME THE FUCK ON! The whole world does not share your belief.

Isn't it a fact that if you want someone to respect your beliefm you should respect theirs?

Well anyways, the rudeness was totally expected from the two German backpackers.

If you have been around, you would know that they are the worst.

Back to me, the reluctant vegetarian Yoga practicing person (I don't call myself a Yogi unless I can do a decent headstand)... I do believe that being a vegetarian is a choice. Being one should not mean being a pain to everyone else who are not.

That said, Happy Saturday everyone! EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!!!!

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  1. We love to choose.
    Without that option we feel we are cheated our rights.
    There is a morale story here somewhere.