Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inner Peace Pt. 2

I am looking for another way to achieve inner peace.

Found out that my type of inner peace comes in a form of a bag, a pair of shoes and clothes.

I am good with those things but I was told that 'inner peace' is more than Coach bags and Zara sale.

But... is it really?

The last time I felt totally in peace with myself was during my Penang vacation.

It was fun and I had a new found respect for 'vacations'. I have never thought that I can actually get away from work for more than 12 hours and be totally ok with it. 

Also the fact that I have never felt more liberated, prancing in bikinis on the beach with no care in the world. 

And the sea helped as well, although I was waddling more than I was swimming.

But THAT was inner peace.

Let's now find other possible inner peace... and let's help her! :)

Happy Monday everyone.

1 comment:

  1. The bikini pic was what my doctor ordered.