Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I've learnt...

:: There will be that one person who will alter your opinions on everyone else. E.g. : Opinions towards men.

:: I was 20 when I realized that my life is as insignificant as chopped liver.

:: I was 30 when I found out that my life is still insignificant...

:: Yoga gives me an avenue to be alone with my thoughts and my body. I don't give a damn about what other people think of me. My Yoga practice, no matter how unimpressive, will always whisk me to that special place I never knew I had.

:: Men who said they are concerned about you but have made it clear that they don't want you to be in their future is bluffing. Their concern are necessary pretence, with sex as an exchange.

:: Women like to be with the above type.

:: Good people almost always never end up with someone they deserve. They would always end up with people who abuses them.

:: When I was 27, I realized that my personal life is something of a mess, and so, I decided to pack up and move to KL. I have been single eversince.

:: When I moved on to managerial position, I realized that I am pretty good at this. Not quite my calling, but I enjoy the ups and downs of the job.

:: I think my calling is really to become a celibate tree hugging Yogi.

:: My disconnect with my family could be because  I was a loner when I was younger and have always been given heavy responsibilities starting from the age of 8. My fear of having a family might be due to the fact that I never had the opportunity to grow up as a kid but rather someone who has to take care of what she did and said.

:: ...That, there is no point in thinking about what happened and what will happen, concentrate on the now, or lose it when you die.

:: Love is over rated. But not when you had two occasions whereby you knew that you were actually in love... even if the other is unrequited. And what love really is, was to let go of it.

:: The human heart is resilient. Mine had been stomped on, roasted, baked, deep fried, chewed and hurled out. Yet, despite my cynical take on life, I still believe in the simplest basics of life, and love.


  1. Men will be man.
    And girls will be the catalyst for all that is beautiful and worst that can be in life.
    And yes, sex will always be part of the equation with man regardless of whatever they say and do. It doesn't mean they don't love you. It only means they love sex too.

    Being single is better than being abused and married.
    So say I.

  2. Hi there. Tumpang lalu...
    Yeah, keep on breathing and enjoy what u have now..