Thursday, August 30, 2012

And I wonder...

Self - deprecation.

There are a lot of questions that I would love to get answers to.

a) If we are not supposed to eat junk, then why do we have to come up with junk food?
b) If I don't eat much, why am I still fat?
c) Why skinny women still think they are fat?
d) Why is it that chocolate/Nasi Lemak/Burger goes straight to your hips?
e) WHY do healthy crap tastes like crap and unhealthy crap taste like heaven?
f) Why do women in relationships hate sex?
g) Why are sex - loving women single?
h) Why are women, complicated?
i) Why do needy women turn men on?


and of course :

j) Why do I have to be vegetarian when I do not want to?

I don't have the answers and will probably never get the answer to it.

At this point, all I am doing is meeting more people. Making more friends. No expectations. No obligations.

I love good insightful conversation. It helps me to get into men's / women's psyche. What they want, what they thought they want.

I thought I wanted a few things in my twenties :

1) Someone who 'Loves' me. (Ugh)
2) Someone who 'Loves' me for what I am. (Ughx2)
3) Marriage
4) Kids

Now that I am nearing my mid 30's, these are what I want :

1) Someone who Likes me (At least)
2) Good sex
3) Great career and a 50k a month paycheck is not too bad.

Experience and life's bitter journey is a bitch.


  1. It is because you are lonely and repressive of that truth. I have spent a lot of time with friends of mine explaining this concept.
    There are ways around this and maybe some day I can explain it to you to.
    But in short, the answer is this.
    You must first understand the problem before you can address it.
    Easier said then done.
    And most truths are exactly like so.

  2. Huh... and does that answer the vegetarian quedtion as well?

  3. Vegetarian is a choice of living and health related subject. :-P