Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I - Vegetarian

For real.

Like... it is no more a speculation. It is confirmed.

Meat, makes my eczema worst.

Well, maybe there had been no confirmation from the specialist yet, but from what I can see, my skin is no longer itchy now that I have decided to get off meat completely for the past week.

Last Wednesday, I went for a farewell lunch for my now ex-boss at a Nyonya restaurant in Kota Damansara. The food was great. Of course I have been on a veg diet since Friday. (Jaeger bombs, Tequilas and buckets of beers included- Don't ask)

Of course, the menu will be non - vegetarian.

So we had 3 types of fish cooked in Asam pedas, 2 types of prawns, squid, Pandan chicken and sambal belacan.

My nightmare came to life that day.

The only veg dish was fried eggplant (no belacan) and kangkung stirfry in garlic.

It is kind of impolite for me to not eat most of the dishes there, although they know that I am a veg-eater, because I insisted that I was okay with it.

The truth is, I didn't want to be a stick in the mud and make everyone else roll their eyes at my picky eating habits.

Not like I have a choice.

So... I ate a bit of the fish, which was a pomfret and I know I can eat it. But of course, everything else has belacan in it.

My irritation starts about 2 hours after that. I went out with a friend in the evening for some drinks at KLCC and it started to get worst. I went back to my friend's house for some quick remedy of ice packs and a bit of vodka and had to work remotely from my friend's house. (Everything's possible with a tablet. :D)

So during the weekend, I resolved.... fine... I am going to go full veg. Having an irritating skin condition where it itches is not cool.

I have managed to find a few nice Veg selection when I was out actually :

1) Roasted mushroom ciabatta sandwich with Rocket Salad in Plan B MidValley Megamall.

2) Baby Spinach Fattayeh in Al-Amar Express, Bukit Bintang.

And despite not having any meat for the whole weekend (until now)... I am still a happy camper :

Glass is half full always... even if it's with Vegetables.

Love.... Veg Girl.


  1. You look healthier than tour previous postings. How come huh?