Monday, September 10, 2012

So ... You are like .... 25??????

I dated a 25 YO British guy just now.

Yes... say it with me.... a 25 YO man (Umm... boy?)

To be fair, when it comes to men, all men are boys.

Boys will be boys. When a man reaches his thirties, they will be --- old boys.

You get what I mean?

But let's get back to my *'anak ikan' adventure.

He was a lovely London boy --- That's what I called him. We went for a lovely late lunch, had a lovely meal and because Starfucksbucks coffee wasn't enough, I dragged him to my caffeine haunt in Bangsar.

I had a great time, despite the 8 years age difference. He looked almost my age and he definitely does not talk like any other 25 YO I know.

It was only a date in the first place, and it was really something that I would probably forget by the time the day is over. The most important thing here is the fact that I.... am broadening my options.

Giving people chances.... Opportunities... what-have-yous.

Well, I have one extra friend on top of everyone I have now.

That's... something... innit?

* A lingo for a younger man with an older woman. Can also be compared to the 'Cougar' phenom.


  1. Nothing wrong with dating someone younger, as long as it is for the right reasons. :)