Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Low Fat Veg Recipes Hunt

It's not easy being a vegetarian.

All the more, if you are a reluctant vegetarian.

I still can't go through a whole week without meat, so every sunday, I will 'meat out' on selected meats. I have a particularly high sensitivity to white meat, so I avoid chicken and fish at all times.

I am grateful that I don't have to nick mutton off my platter completely for now.

Now the challenge is to find veg recipes that is low calorie and healthy. Mind you, not all vegetarian recipes are healthy. Imagine cooking all veg with coconut oil, just the way Malaysians would love. I think, I would not be able to fit into any of my pants anymore by now.

My 'sub-challenge' would be to find time for me to prepare my meal. Before this, I was a bit errant on my meal planning. I would even eat tuna from the can because I simply wouldn't have the time to prepare a decent meal.

Now that I can no longer eat tuna, I have to pay more attention on what I put on my plate. Having rice is not an option either. Rice is my vice, regardless the type of rice I would choose to cook.

The easiest veg meal to do would be a simple boiled potato salad. I love the pre-packed rocket salad they have in supermarkets (RM 5.99). I will just serve it with some boiled potatoes and I am done.

Other Veg options that I have attempted so far would be :

- Braised Tofu, red capsicum and potatoes in oyster sauce.-served with brown rice
- Capsicum and feta cheese baked pasta
- Spicy couscous with asparagus
- Vegetarian curry (Potatoes, eggplants, carrots and celery)-served with brown rice
- My version of roasted mushroom and rocket sandwich.

But on most days, I live on a diet of raw veg (salad), wholewheat slice with peanut butter (pre-gym food) and nuts (cashews, pistachios etc.), and milk.

It is really hard to go Veg when you know that some animals are really created to provide food for us omnivorous humans. Yes, animals should be treated better, but some animals should be --- eaten. Get?

I am not to trying to justify my carnivorous history, it's just that some vegetarians really gets on my nerves. And now, I am becoming them! Well... reluctantly. I guess, Karma is one BIG bitch.


Veg Girl

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