Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Much ado about everything

When asked what is it about me that he likes :

"You have a nice arse, and also of course I like you because you have dark eyes, you are pretty and you are smart..... but the arse." *Grin*

*rolled eyes* -- Men.


What I have learnt, now that I am 30 years away from being a senior citizen :

- Never do things to satisfy other people, ALWAYS do things that will, first and foremostly, satisfy yourself first, and the other person, second.

- ALWAYS do have a genuine intent when helping people.

- Karma is real.

- I only roll well with older men. Preferably Scottish, who makes breakfast, bitches about men who tucked in their shirts in their shorts and has a sense of humor. :)

- Never let age gets in the way of happiness.

-Never expect anything to come out from relationships. 99.99% of the time, it will not turn out the way you want it to.

- One will never be indispensable, professionally.

- Exercise gives you a sharper mind, together with a bigger appetite for fats life.

- Life is short. Live it, and you better do it well, because life is a one hit wonder.


  1. wow.
    Just wow.

    I like the "Arse" comment.

    As for everything else?
    You need a strong stable rock in order for you to truly understand that "Life is about Living" and "Living is about taking chance".

  2. ok. So the wow is about the part on my arse?-_-