Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hell Yeah!!!

A little insight into my 'exciting' life (LOL).

I have been following this awesome website since last month. The site was actually introduced to me by Jade and I fell in love with the couple's exuberant take on life.

Unlike other fitness trainers, so called, this is absolutely raw and real. Instead of the person showing us the moves with a smile and 'forced' enthusiasm, you get someone who is struggling to keep her form in her OWN workout.

I think they are extremely honest about themselves when it comes to pushing the limit, and just watching her in all awesomeness doing those moves are enough to motivate me in completing the workouts.

The Result?

My thighs and bum are firmer, I have more strength and I amaze myself at the things I can do.

Who would think that I am able to actually do 10 burpees! I don't know I can burpee at all! :)

I know I probably would not have her set of abs, but at least, my stamina would be much more than it was.

The video was my exercise for today. I started out slow at first, but went faster in the second and third set. Because I didn't have an interval timer, I went by reps and sets instead.

And Yes... once I achieved my goal of 55 Kilos by the end of August, I would definitely post my picture up, hopefully, with a better looking bod and a smaller tush.


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