Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The Scotsman and I had lots of talks on us.

Now, The Scotsman is an honest and grounded guy, not out to impress anybody. He is not your typical expatriate. The ones I dated, pay for my everything, and although I enjoyed it, I knew even back then that it is not supposed to be that way.

The Scotsman and I functioned like a real 'couple', a working class couple. I pick up the tab to the groceries this week and he will pay for my food when we go out. If I feel like it, then I will pay for the happy hour booze we have at our usual haunt, if not he will.

We are not calculative, and I don't think we can. If he doesn't have enough cash at a point of time to buy something (we don't carry lots of cash when we go out, because we walk everywhere.) and I happen to have some on me, I will buy it first and he will pay me later.

And we don't give a shite about eating out at fancy places serving small portions of food. It's lucky that I advocate street food, so I know exactly where to go to have a good meal, not just some frou frou pomp in some overpriced venue.

I concluded that we are together because we are living the moment, living the day, like life will let go of its' leash anytime the next day. It doesn't really matter to us if we are going to end up together or not. Both of us have gone through a lot of relationship trials to date, and whether this will eventually become 'something', just doesn't bother us that much.

If it doesn't, then too bad, life goes on, oh blaardy ohhh Blaaardaaaa... (however the hell you would spell it).

So, at the moment, I like crossing the street with his my hands tucked in his firm grip, and we love the dinner conversations, and the weekly 'swim' at the pool.

Whatever happens next, will happen. I will face it like a real woman.


  1. Of that I am sure.
    You are obviously a true woman. :)
    Firm grips are the best.

  2. Hahaha... I always do have a firm grip - la