Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bikini me crazy

Recently, I came across a discussion that happened on a fitness website about a certain bikini shot from one of the site community members.

The bikini shot pictured the contributor in a shiny, thonged back swimsuit, posing with her bum facing the camera, clad in tacky as hell stilettos and the blonde was sporting a really bad tan.

One of the readers commented that the contributor should be more respectful of the others and should not be posting such a shot.

Others of course, disagreed (especially the men.. :P). Their point was that, there is no wrong in flaunting your assets, especially when one has worked so hard for it.

Now, personally, my concern was not whether the contributor was being disrespectful. It was all a matter of being .... tacky.

I am all for freedom of expression here. So, being that, I also have the freedom to cringe whenever someone stepped up to the pool, in really tacky bikinis.

I love bikinis. I have just recently had the guts to wear them. Before this I wouldn't even dream of stepping out in a two piece. I was even having problems with wearing a one piece. I was too cautious of my body. Worried that my jiggles might start a civil war... or something.

To me, one should know how to choose a bikini that would look 'sensible' and is not too overwhelmingly 'slutty'.

I want to look sporty and fit in a bikini, definitely not slutty and trashy.

So, go for these, which are perfect for sunbathing (if you, like me, can't swim and can only... attempt to... float)  :

And for the love of God... NEVER this :

Really, we have the sun to do the shining, we don't need your pubic area to spread the light too.

Just a thought. ;)


  1. your missing the third pic.
    ... you in a bikini ... :)

    Yes, civil wars are started because of jiggles.
    Well, at least men will start wars over them.

  2. My jiggles would be on camera when they disappear. ;)