Friday, June 5, 2009

Am I back or am I not back?

A lot of good bloggers fell out of grace during the whole drama of a particular website which took the blogging world by storm.

The sites' so called 'exposure' on several bloggers had a diversely different affect on people. Some of them took to closing down their blogs. Others put themselves on hiatus, some fought back.

As for myself, I believe I put myself on a hiatus not because I was one of their 'victim of criticism'. I was busy with work and discovered that I have lesser and lesser time to sit down and write a decent entry that is worth a read. I changed to a workaholic every given moment.

I found that being a workaholic is better than being a blogger who was on the receiving end of criticism that was mostly based on shallow physical degradation and total lack of intellect.

And in the end, I just could not be bothered to.

I was reminded by a friend whose friendship I have had the pleasure of gaining recently through a long overdue email that when she met me, I loved writing. Well, at least she thought that I did.

I still do, as a matter of fact, I never stopped loving it. To me, writing is my window to my own self discovery. I have traded that for my busy schedule.

I guess nowadays, bloggers have to tread carefully and have minimised talking about their lives the way they were used to.

I can't blame them. When an accusing stranger behind an anonymous pen name made it their mission to find out your sexual orientation just so they can post it up their site to get applause from the many 'minions', who would even entertain the idea of being visibly transparent on the internet.

Furthermore, I also realised that because of my 'observation' of a certain 'chick', I was blasted for having a mentality that is no better than whoever it was who masterminded the site.

My observation was what I honestly thought of what I have read. You don't like it, well... too bad. Shove it up I say.

The blog is now either defunct or is only open for invited readers, which to be honest, is something that I really never cared about.

My biggest surprise was when some of the bloggers that I have 'naively' added on to my FB (well, who doesn't have one these days eh?) decided to, well... be an informant of what was happening in my world after I went on the hiatus. I was outraged that my privacy was breached and so spring cleaned my list of friends. I have only a few bloggers left in my list of friends. Most of the ones whom I kept in my list are those who I trust to not have any interest in my life, not so much as to drying it out for everyone to see.

I was amused nevertheless by the cowardly acts that was only doable under the cloak of anonymity. All of the sudden men, have extra testicles and women, grew an extra pussy and they rant as they pleased.

Hell, stick and stones might break my bones but daahling, words can never kill me.

Whether this hiatus is over or not, I will leave it for you to guess, for now, this was what I thought, sincerely and honestly, coming from my underused blogging section of my brain.


  1. pls tell me you're back
    *victory dance*

  2. Please come back, you're awarded and tagged :)

  3. i also tagged you lah.. the same tagged kak jazzy tagged u with... see? most wanted!!

  4. Damn. It's nice to know I'm a blogger who couldn't give a rats ass about your personal life. LOL!

    Welcome back! Missed ya loads!

  5. phew...finally!!!! welcome back noks!

  6. :) Welcome back.

    PS: One of the reason I never added anyone I don't know in real life in FB! Sgt bahaya. Tho I do have strangers, those strangers were only for my Mousehunting obsession haha! And they are definitely in a group that has almost no rights whatsoever to view anything on my profile :D

  7. Hi, Sarc. I tend to agree with your point about being busy with work. I too rarely update my blog due to changes in my work & social life status. nevertheless, I am still active on the you-know-what site that almost everyone has a profile in. Whatever it is, do the things that you derive satisfaction more/most. Take care.

  8. i read u, errrr silently, from Darlene's and i'm glad you are back!!!;P