Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me.. now

I have a new routine.

I go to the gym 6 days in a week, spend about 2 hours sweating myself silly (At the same time of course, 'cuci mata' checking out the gorgeous gay guys with hot bods).

I am a gym junkie. I love the adrenaline rush I get when I work out.

And I have a gorgeous gay gym buddy. Kish The Bitch (Else known as KTB) is getting all the attention from the guys.

Akak? what to do, saham dah jatuh.

Nevertheless, I am happy. I enjoy the daily workouts. I especially love the yoga classes, despite not able to do the moves anymore as it has been a while since I last practiced the moves. My limbs are rusty and my flexibility is at nil right now.

Me and KTB set a goal to lose weight, tone whatever body parts that we want to tone and to try all of the group exercise classes available. I feel more healthy, I sleep better and I feel like for once I actually have a purpose.

I also have engaged the service of a personal trainer. I am going to be a hot bod independent babe. I have no remorse paying 2Gs for that, because already I can see the difference. My biceps are firmer, my butt, nicer and my upper abdominals, harder.

Now I will just have to work on losing this 'woman pouch'. I was told that all women have a bit of a pooch, although I have to admit I am still looking for one on Giselle Bundchen.

But again, Giselle Bundchen is not human. She could be an extra terrestrial, one that says 'ET likes diamante bras'.

Oh well, I lost close to 6 Kilos since I joined and by Raya this year, I aim to be a hotter chick with a killer bod.

That's a plan kan?


  1. You look great! Man.. *wolf whistle*

    I wanna lose 6kg this month! 6 days a week 2 hours each round? Man.. I gotta re-think my 6kg goal.

  2. Izso,

    babe, No prob. for 6 KG lost, you will just have to really watch your diet, do 1 hour of cardio and 30 minutes resistance training. (Push ups, sit ups, lunges etc.)

    eat 5 small meals in a day. I dont do this because I have abnormal schedule but this really helps (I was told.)

    tell me how it worked out. Good luck!!!

  3. wahhh makin kurus :D bestnyerr